Expanding brings cheating

Ya, long time since I posted something here.

The more SOTA is spreading, the more I’m dead sure cheating is also expanding.

I see more and more new callsigns activators, and when I check their QRZ page, I see big SUV with HF antennas, hamsticks or whatever on the top of those shiny trucks.

I know, not again, another who whines, but in all honesty, there are some folks who dont have a clue what the rules are.

73 all.

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A lot of us have vehicles with antennas on them, but that doesn’t mean that we are going to drive up and operate off the top of the Matterhorn from them! :grinning:


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Bon Jour JP! Nice to hear from you again!

Yes, there are a lot of new NPOTA folks, both chasers and activators, participating in SOTA, mostly as chasers. And, yes, a lot of the NPOTA-only activations are mobile operations from their vehicles, usually in the NPOTA parking lot.

I have posted on the NPOTA facebook site that if an NPOTA activator is also claiming a SOTA activation, that they need to be sure they are abiding by the SOTA rules. Hopefully, they are.

SOTA chasers can help by tactfully asking if the NPOTA-SOTA activator is NOT operating from their vehicle IF they are handing out a SOTA Ref number.

Thanks JP for the reminder that we all need to educate new participants as to the SOTA rules.

73, Guy/n7un

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