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Exit my log

Y don’t now if this translation is coorectly! y hope!
Approximately two years ago I discovered a new activity, the SOTA. Which pleasure of contacting in the calm one, HB9AFI, HB9BAB, DJ3AX, DH8DX, DF2GN, G1INK and few others. The principle was really very interesting with a pointed listening on very weak, with WHO patients and disciplined stations. I am happy d’ to have taken part in l’ entry of France in circle SOTA, since d’ other countries followed. WHO are moreover into many and inevitably the disturbances increase. But that does not explain the drifts, it n’ there more qu’ has; a thing which counts c’ is hunting for the points, behind its station or in the mountain. So much so that certain mad dashes d’ a top with l’ other leave me serious doubts! If activations are quite real then that wants to say that WHO run like the insane ones in the mountain and roll very quickly on the road! All that for what? A transitory place in a table of honor! Is this reasonable good? Blow certain activators make some contacts for validating the top well and leave, leaving hunters on their hunger. If not how to align 4,5 or 6 SOTA in the course of the day! Or is l’ spirit of the departure? , I know the things change, some will say it is necessary to live with its time and the evolutions. Some shout high and strong that if one wants to make a permanent contest of it nothing l’ prohibited! (but let us not forget that there is a payment to respect) Maybe, each one is free, but I think that these attitudes involve the drifts that j’ could live the last week end: No discipline, of the pile up worthy of rare DXCC, with an unnamable disorder. Does the station sota pass EP? And there at least three stations answer with of course any EP in the cal. Signals of stations SOTA at home of this moment is rather 338 with a strong QRM. Certain hunters arrive at home, whatever the propagation with 599 ++. I do not think one would leave me more chance to make me hear if I passed /QRP! In more it would not be honest; have approximately 60W radiated! In a G5RV with the strong current of the roofs (I am in centre town). Without counting the crafty persons which answer the place of the activator history to get rid of a hunter which tries to be made hear despite everything. I also realize, that taken in effervescence, I make also errors of traffic. J’ also discovered that activators knowingly did not answer hunters! Tensions exist within our small “community”. WHO are made “prohibit” réflector (with twists or rightly, I do not know!). J’ also intended WHO to pass “QRG only SOTA” on an activity DFCF of l’ friend Paul F2YT who activated on 7032! with in premium of the tunes, ridiculous! We made proposals in the MT, in particular to be on reducing the risks of cheating. For my part as I see that nothing moves and that the disorder is here,
I withdraw my log as of TOMORROW 06/08/08

J’ my first qso the 20/06/06 with HB9AFI/P, I made am second in France table for a long time, like l’ friend DGF, I think, j’ badly do not have points “under the elbow” and I can remain a long time advances some on the buddies, therefore no interest either has to continue in this direction.
With l’ future I will be satisfied to say hello to WHO which likes really l’ radio activity/mountain, which takes a few seconds to say to you hello, thank you and goodbye. I would also make some activities in activator, at my rate/rhythm. I will continue as a person in charge to make the promotion of the SOTA, in l’ spirit of the departure, after those which will adhere, will make like they l’ hear. J’ also have some ideas of activations in the Om pure spirit, and I know that several buddies “F” have the same point of view. Here are dear friends, far from me the idea to want to give lessons (I am perfectible like each and everyone), I do not claim to hold the truth either. I only wish to alert the persons in charge on the first steps of a situation which if it developed could be very harmful for all. I think that it is very quickly necessary to consider all these questions, of finding means so that everyone can find in the SOTA what it seeks there. I think also our activity is victim of his success, and that the established rules at the beginning are not sufficient any more with the good progress of a group which does not stop growing bigger.
For my part I prefer to apply this quotation of Om which I had contacted a long time ago: “I prefer to collect the good friends that diplomas”
73 ’ S QRO ALL f5nep Lionel

In reply to DL4MFM:
Good evening Mario Thank you for all your good councils! and your activations that I contact always with pleasure. Undoubtedly my decision is not the best, but I n’ found that to express my feeling on l’ current environment within the SOTA.
This decision is not final, because y’ hope that the good spirit of the departure will return.
As I underlined. I would be present to contact the good friends and to make activations SOTA, but apart from any challenge. Cheer for the week end of activations DM/DL, and l’ spirit in which that was done , hi hi
aufrichtige Freundschaften
dreiundsiebzig QRO
73’ S QRO

In reply to F5NEP:

Hi Lionel

Chasing SOTA stations can become very frustrating at times, especially at the low point in the sunspot cycle when propagation is poor.

Running a modest station in a noisy QTH does not help, but all chasers go through a period where it is difficult to make contact which makes you wonder if it is all worth the time and effort.

I agree that SOTA is the victim of its own success. The sheer number of chasers creates a pile up on every activator which often means a wait of some 30 minutes before you can make contact. As chasers increase so do the bad manners as people become desperate to work the activator.

Do not worry about points gained, as I said in my July CW newsletter:-

“Your own score on the SOTA database is the only total that matters. It is a record of your personal achievement made using your skill and experience, from your QTH, using your equipment and power, to your antenna. Be proud of your score and set your own targets. It cannot, under any circumstances, be compared with the score made by any other chaser.

SOTA is not, and cannot, be a level playing field. Another chaser living in the same town will not have the same set of working conditions as you, will not have the noise from a nearby power line when it is raining, will not have problems from the neighbours thermostat in winter, will not be shielded from Northern summits by a nearby hill, will not have ignition noise from a nearby main road etc. So focus on your score only, this is the only total of any consequence. Be thankful that you do not live in the SOTA chaser blackspot such as Reims or Dublin, where chasers really work under a tremendous handicap with a high local background noise.”

You have already put a tremendous amount of work into the French SOTA Association, you are well respected on the air and nobody wants to see you withdraw from the SOTA programme. Please have a break before you make a final decision, just to see how much you miss the activity. Maybe you will reconsider. I hope so. You would be sadly missed.


In reply to G4SSH:
Hello Roy and thank you for your analysis. what m’ sadden more this n’ is not the fact of making or not such contact with an activator. it is also the reality of the radio operator traffic! (propagation, conditions d’ emission,…). And they are the rules of the game, which returns also our activity amusing. Not what is frustrating, and y am sadden it is to see the drift of mentality.Y have the impression that the spirit even of the beginning; is more. There is impression that the mountain, the effort to arrive at the top do not count any more. It n’ there has that the points of the chassor or activator which counts. The radio ham would be at his place, in a field, or with the supermarket, it would be similar. A pile up can be very sympathetic nerve, but when it becomes a contest, accompanied by tunes, people irritate, and that the so desired contact after 30 minutes is reduced to 5nn TU, that frustrates me! it is for that for moment I withdraw my Log, which for me is the symbol of this mad dash. If all Om had the same philosophy of the points and the classification that you Roy, I believe that we would well quickly find, in spite of the growing number, the quality of our contatcs from two years ago! In the months which come I will observe the behaviors, I will continue to say in a friendly way hello to the activators which practise healthily; activity. I go can be to make some activities, in SSB I think or the traffic appears more suitable to me for the moment. Y hope that those which came towards us to only appear in a classification, without user-friendliness, will weary and that we will find ourselves between impassioned. sincerely.
Escuse me Roy for my bad english and y use translator, witch are not very good any more for the direction of my thought.
best regards
73’s QRO

Hi Lionel,

I just heard you make a valid QSO with Jure, S57XX/P on 30m at 07.45z. No pile-up here now.

If I was you I would not delete my log yet, but give it a rest for a bit. You’ll see that you will come backc in the end.

There a several “big guns” that have found their way to SOTA and sometimes it does tend to become a DX station pile-up. Usually the real sota chasers call once and then wait their turn, but this is not alaways the case anymore. There are moments that I have to wait more than 30min to get a contact. With my 10w I have to wait my turn :o). But the contact is there in the end.

I know that when I am activating and there is someone not calling in the “SOTA spirit” the way we both know it, well he will not get a contact, simple as that.

So Lionel, I understand you comments and for most even agree with them, but I would not let that spoil the fun, because I know you are a ham with real “SOTA spirit”.

Hope to work you from DL !!

73, au plaisir de vour recontacter.


In reply to F5NEP:

Every good operator that retires from the field is a victory for the bad operators.

I hope you have reconsidered, Lionel.


Brian G8ADD

In reply to ON3WAB:
Hello Peter thank you for the message. eh yes what a pleasure of being able to answer an activator without having an undisciplined pack! I am happy to see that of Om my feeling divides and I am on the good spirit will return. But we must make so that is carried out.
Au grand plaisir Peter, de vous contacter à nouveau, peut être bientot depuis un SOTA “F”.
cordiales 73’s

In reply to F5NEP:
Hello Lionel,
I will miss your call. Some time ago was many calmer all with SOTA. It was time for description of QTH, weather and station.Now are manv callers. There is only time for 599 TU. At the beginning I was with 5 watts, then with 20 watts and now with 40 watts QRV. My rucksack becomes ever heavier, rear.
But mountains are somewhat spezial. Complete particulary a QTH. I love the long march to the summit and look forward to the well-known calls. I look for the QRP and /p stations. Other activators-OPs also !
Consider it you still once.
Thanks for the many QSOs.

Lutz DJ3AX

In reply to DJ3AX:
Hello Lutz y appreciate your comment enormously! it summarizes l’ well; evolution of the SOTA! I will continue to call you when I hear you. I am like you in love with the mountain. it is the SOTA which me l’ made redecouvrir.
a sehr bald seit meiner Station oder seit einem Gipfel, aufrichtigen Freundschaften.
73’s QRO

In reply to F5NEP:
Dear Lionel.

I hope you will not stop working SOTA and I hope to log your callsign in the future many times in S2S, QRP2QRP QSOs.

Best wishes,

Milos S57D

In reply to S57D:
Hello Milos
thanks for your message, I will continue to work all the good activateurs like you, with a great pleasure!
Hope to copy you again, and y hope also from à French SOTA. Perhaps in NO30 or NO31.
Best regards

Dear friends,

You may know that Lionel, F5NEP, is the french Association Manager.
He started in SOTA in June 2006, and was one of the first french amateur involved in the program.

If the boss is leaving, what do you think his partners will do ?

Alain F6ENO

In reply to F6ENO:

Hi Alain et Lionel,

Many tnx for the fb CW-QSOs today!
Hope to hear you many more times from the summits.
So lets go ahead with SOTA-France.
Allez et vive SOTA-France!

Mes amitiés et meilleurs 73

In reply to DL4FDM:
FB Fritz,

Merci aussi pour le FB et sympa QSO. Je t’ai entendu avec Papa Fritz à ton arrivée, ça c’est l’esprit OM !
Nous ne voulons pas faire de SOTA-France ! Nous restons au SOTA bien entendu, mais maintenant, nous le ‘regardons d’un autre oeil’ !

A bientôt sur les sommets !

73 QRO
Alain F6ENO

In reply to F6ENO:
J’adhére totalement hi!
rien a rajouter
merci encore Fritz et toujours au plaisir
73’s QRO