Every Mountain in the World

Not sure how I came across this site but it is quite spectacular: http://everymountainintheworld.com/


What a pity it doesn’t actually name the mountains! Plus it’s in feet, not metres.

If only all those dots could be SOTA summits :sweat_smile:

Hi guys,
If you can set the prominence to 500 ft then all summits shown are SOTS summits.(+/-). 300 ft shows HEMA and SOTA.

It does give the name of the peaks plus the actual prominence and the location of the saddle. I also shows contours.

Unfortunately you need a fast computer with a big fast memory to get all the info in a reasonable time.

The dots show up fairly quickly but you need to expand the view and click on one of the summits for data

Oh and it’s isn’t particularly accurate.

It’s useful to mappers for locating candidates for closer perusual.

I’ve been playing with it for a year now.

Sotlas has a lot less overhead and can give you all the details as well as contours.