European SOTA Activity day 2022

Dear SOTA community,

like in the last few years, HB9SOTA would like to call for a European SOTA activity day on September 17, 2022, which is in parallel to the OE activity day.

We would like to encourage as many SOTA activators in Europe as possible to activate on this specific day, which will be a fantastic opportunity for many S2S contacts as in the years before.

Best 73’s Jens, HB9EKO
President of HB9SOTA


Hi Jens,

Good news, many thanks.
See you on frequencies :wink:

73, Jarek

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You should get a few from G/LD Jens, that is the LD weekend too

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I plan on being active on the Saturday and perhaps Sunday from LD on HF CW.
Will look out for some S2S.

As mentioned above this is also the same date as for this year’s G/LD (Lake District) SOTA weekend event. As I write I see 9 CW/SSB alerts already on HF bands and I’m sure there will be many more who like me post alerts a few days beforehand.

Hope to work you on 40, 30 or 20 CW S2S.

73 Andy


Holidays in Sardinia. I will do my best to participate to the September, 17th SOTA event, as IS0/F5MOG/P.
The summit is still to be determined.

73/72 de Pierre F5MOG

Salut Pierre,

Bonnes vacances à toi et en espérant un S2S depuis OE.
73 Laurent