EU008 Islay activation this afternoon

Currently located on the Island of Islay with 13 other amateurs as part of the yearly camb-hams jail break to the west Scottish islands, active on VHF (6 , 4 , 2) (EME) and sats as well as all the HF bands FT8 etc…

All of the summits are 1 pointers on Islay with looong walk ins. Hoping to activate these before moving on to Jura later this week to active some of the four pointers.


Will be on the usual 80-60-40 meter bands, 180W ( 80 , 40 ) SSB



Look forwards to all contacts from the jail break team :slight_smile:

Hi Jonathan

We had a wonderful time doing Islay back in 2013. Hope you have as much fun :slight_smile:

Still need them all for completes but stuck at work all week. Story of my life :-s

73 de Paul G4MD

Tell me about it. I missed John’s alerts for Ben Macdui which is doable on 2m from Cairnpapple Hill just 15mins from here. That chase would be valuable for when I try Ben Macdui later this year with assorted microwave stuff.

Hope the sky plays for you Jonathan. Still if it doesn’t there’s plenty of whisky on Islay…

Beinn Tart a’Mhill is an easy walk in and a lovely summit. Used to be no access by MOD and I recall an aggressive “get off my land” farmer who I believe end up on the wrong side of the law.
From the road to the summit (unused MOD mast near the summit):

and the summit itself:

Keep your ears open as you may hear more snipe drumming and cuckoos calling than you have ever heard.
Enjoy both Islay and Jura.