EU SOTA DX today on 15m from NA = FUN! TKS!

Just got home and gotta go feed the goats & horses but here’s some pix of
Frank/K0JQZ having some SOTA-FUN on Mt Rosa today!

We made 4-EU Qs on 15m! …way too much FUN!! What an incredible day at 11,600’
…temps ~70F and blue skies with fall color! No T-storms!

In the past some folks have asked us "just why do you hike to a summit with a
ham radio? Heh? You know there’s cell phones and you can call all over the
planet with them for almost nothing?!

So the question is …why do you crazies do SOTA? …ask Peanut & Rooster. They
might say it’s because of all those tasty treats on those summits. But if you
ask the OG he’ll say …hmm? it’s hard to explain really. It’s just all about
being out THERE! Go watch my GoatHIKER videos then ask me the same question!

Again Thank You CHASERS! …us Goats!

Oh yes Frank has joined our goat herd. He’s an official SOTA goat now …albeit
last in the herd aka sweeper goat …bringing up the rear! ~Peanut

In reply to WG0AT:

here’s a 30-second video clip of Frank’s QSO: