Escape from Christmas... to F/CR.. F/AM (canceld due to corona)

I’m not exactly a fan of Christmas… too much commercialism… too much BlinkBlink

Last year I had a good time near Narbonne… and even managed to do some first activations.
The first activations probably won’t happen this year… but I’m hoping for 10 completes.

I’m from December 22nd. until 1.1. in Cuges-les-Pins

73 Armin


Hello Armin,
That is a good idea! May be we can manage a date and walk to a summit activation together.
What could be fine , is that we can meet Roger F5LKW in the same time.
Let’s see if we can make it possible.
Gerald F6HBI

Hi Armin,

As you probably remember, I won’t be too far away from you during this time, just on the other side of the Pyrenees in EA3.
Let’s hope I find some time for SOTA, the weather gods are on our side and we’re both on a summit for an S2S at the same time, like last year!

73 Stephan

Hi Gerald

It would be nice to meet you in person… I sent you my phone number.

I’ll leave very early and hope the traffic won’t be so bad. Then I would complete F/CR-331 on the journey south.

73 Armin

Hi Stephan

That would be great… I have to go to EA3 at some point… too

73 Armin

At the beginning of last week I was pretty down. I think it was Corona.

To this day I have not fully recovered. It goes in waves and very slowly…

In any case, I canceled my trip to Provence. The summits don’t run away from me…

73 Armin


Armin, what a drag! I remember these kind of waves :face_with_thermometer:. But as you said, the summits will wait for you.

Get well soon!

Merry Christmas, HNY and 73, Stephan


I’m in North Wales and starting to think I’d damaged my HF set, the bands are “dead” except for the odd ghost amongst the noise. Being at the beginning of my journey in radio, it’s something I haven’t experienced. Are we going through a stormy period in space that is wrecking propagation?

(c) NOAA


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I’ve been looking at and it agrees with NOAA on K values being ok but suggests A values to be too high. The A values have been rolling off over the last 24hrs so I guess some patience is needed on my part. Hopefully I’ll be back on the radio soon, I really enjoy the Christmas wishes that are part of signing off at this time of year.

With luck, Ian Poole’s book on propagation arrives before the weekend. It’d be nice to develop a working grasp of what K and A values (& the others) all mean. Radio really is an endless rollercoaster of learning :christmas_tree::christmas_tree:

G8JYV gets the data from NOAA via They all use the same sources.

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You can ignore the A figures. My understanding is that they are from what has happened over the last 24 hours whereas the K figure is what is happening now.


Thanks for the steer. NOAA it is then. They’re a great resource, I already rely on them for swell information for my surfing😂

Given the K values appear ok, I’m thinking a back to basics fault find may be in order ; plugs’n’sockets, bell-through and the rig-stick. It’ll keep me out of mischief :sunglasses:

Get well soon, Armin. Corona hit me 10 days ago and I’m still not completely recovered. Take it easy… and enjoy the leisurely time
73 Chris


Dear Armin

Good opportunity be in mountains.
Im looking for S2S during next “x days”.

Many greetings ti France
73 Michal

Dear Armin,
I wish you prompt recovering - GOOD HEALTH :exclamation: :muscle:
See you on frequencies soon.
73, Jarek

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Apologies Armin, I’d got what you meant as Corona completely misunderstood hence my rambling about propagation.

Take care and get well soon

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