in august we organized activities in lithuania, latvia and estonia. These countries are very lowlands but the hills after glaciers are picturesque and pleasant to walk. a lot of forests and national parks with prepared camping sites. considering the stories, we were at home …tnx chasers
from the hills we worked qrp…SQ9NOT. SQ9mdf


Nice…What is that building in photo 1 please Leszek ?

Best 73

at the top - an observation tower for tourists. below the rtv tower

Thanks Leszek looks nice

Thank you for good report Leszek! Is there any interest to sota among local guys? I heard about Tomas LY3X, who is very enthusiastic manager of local FF and LH programms… Is there any summit in Kaliningrad ;)?
73! Serge

for sure some hill in the Kaliningrad region is suitable for sota


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