Errors in referencies EA7/GR-009 and EA7/GR-041

Yesterday two activities in the Sierra de Baza. The connection to the network here is very poor and can not delete the alert of the first summit and RBNhole did its thing.
First my callsign without /P
The following stations must correct in SOTA database:
Apologies for the mistake.
In the summites very cold and windy.


73, José


Hi Jose
thanks for the S2S, so if i understand well our S2S yesterday was from GR-009 - rigjt ? I have corrected my log accordingly.
73 de Bruno HB9CBR

Hello Bruno,
I’m sorry, you’re not in my logs for the 16th, you logged me at 10:54 UTC, at that time I was already walking towards EA7/GR-009, any pirate?
All the best. José

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…strange, ok i have deleted the contact.
73 and cu again
Bruno HB9CBR

Hi Bruno, @HB9CBR
Was telling you on 60m QSO you worked UA3QF just when Jose was gone QRT to the next summit :woozy_face:
73, Eric

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