Error when trying to submit Chaser log

When I try to manually send my log I get this error in red letters:

"An error has occured whilst saving the Chaser Details :_**
**System.ApplicationException: Database Error Adding Chaser Entry —> System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: The transaction log for database ‘sotadata_db’ is full due to ‘LOG_BACKUP’. at System.Data."

This is abbreviated because the full text is much much longer.


Antonio, EA4MY

Yes me too, have tried several times on different PCs !!

It looks to me like the database is busy making a back up copy and thus no any new data uploading is being permitted

Actually I think it means that the transaction log needs to be backed up to make space available.

The transaction log is a means by which activity can be replayed if the main database files have to be restored from an old backup. It is therefore rather important, and the database won’t run unless it can be written safely.

I’m not sure whether Andy fixes this himself or gets the hosting provider to do it but either way he needs to know about it.


My calculations suggested it would fill up sometime tomorrow and I was intending to deal with this tonight when I was going to do some summit updates. Looks like you’ve all been too active and filled it up too soon. Anyway it’s sorted now.

Thanks Andy you are a gentleman but it wasn’t me? Don.

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The problem is fixed now.
Many thanks

Antonio, EA4MY