Error Problems With Sota Spotter On my New Android

Hello Dear Friends Of SOTA.

15 days ago I bought a new cell phone and download the sota spotter (upgraded app for android).
Today i decide to make an activation and test it.
Unfortunately found out that i can’t send my spot.
When i try to send it,a message with error appears.
The message is the follow:
Error Authorizing with SOTA SSO [1]: status 401

I Will try again And again to spot,i’ll try also to send an alert.
Nothing…The same thing,the same message again & again.

Please how can i fix this problem?
Any advice will be appreciated.

Best Regards & 73’s
Efthymios SV2HSY

You must be logged in sotawatch3 and use that user name and password in sota Spotter apk.

Hello Dear Miro,

Thank You so much For Your Help.
I’ve already do this but still the app doesn’t work.

Thank You Again,
Best Regards & 73’s

Efthymios SV2HSY

Error 401 is Unauthorised. i.e. the username and password are wrong.

Go to SW3 and login ( ) this will confirm you have an SSO account and have the username and password correct. You have to use the username and password you use for the database NOT SOTAwatch2. This username/password are what you use for SOTA Spotter.

If you cannot login to SW3 or if it still does not work then please contact the MT (via the contact form link is in the FAQ) and we can help you.


It’s Ok now.
After many tries,it works excellent and the problem resolved.
I Send two test spots.Ok!!!

Thank You Both For Your help and advices Miro & Andy.

Best Regards & 73’s
Efthymios SV2HSY


Hello Efthymios,

how do you solved the problem? Same here. I can not login with my database login into SW3. After APP upgrade on Android i can not login to Sota Spotter.

vy 73 de Marcel DM3FAM

Marcel, you have two accounts with the same email address but different usernames. One is your original account for the database and a new one you created today.

Using the original username, can you login to the old database ?

Using the original username, can you login to the newdatabase ?

Let’s get that confirmed and the rest can be resolved from there.

Thank you for answer.

Using the original username, can you login to the old database ? - Yes

Using the original username, can you login to the newdatabase ? - No

vy 73 de Marcel DM3FAM

I’m a newbie at these SSO problems, but I think it will not let you login in until you reply to the verification email. I’m going to hazard a guess you have not received the verification email.

Have you checked junk/spam folders? You may have to login to your email provider’s webmail page to see if there is mail that has been filtered and not delivered.

Good Morning.

I got no verification mail. Looked in all folders include spam and junk. Maybe i wrote my mail adress not correctly during registration?

vy 73 de Marcel DM3FAM

Hello Dear Andy,

I also got no verification mail.Checked all folders include spam and junk.
The same things with Marcel.I didn’t know about that and if is
I Can login with my original username to the old and new database with no
problems.Same username,same password.
The Problem was with my Android device.
I don’t know much things about databases & programming,but from
the first time of the problem i suppose that the problem was the
connection between the app from my Android Device & Database.
I didn’t know something about authorization…
I know friend,ham buy new device,tablet android and works perfect.

Best Regards & 73’s
Efthymios SV2HSY

Good Afternoon Dear Marcel,

I had exactly the same problem.
What I was doing was uninstalling the application,new upgrade
and on application settings to put my username & password that
i use on database.
I do this 4 times before the app works good.Spots & Alerts.
Before this process,i could only see the new spots & Alerts.

Another reason is that Andy Said.
Two accounts with the same email address but different usernames.
I hope that helps you Dear Marcel.

Best Regards & 73’s,
Efthymios SV2HSY

As I said, I’m new to how the SSO software works but when we set it up all the existing accounts from the old DB were added and made valid. This meant, if I remember, that you didn’t need to validate the accouint, you could just use it and so you could access the new and old DBs, SOTAmaps etc.

If you have requested a new password then you get an email to ensure you are who you claim and if you do not do what the mail says then you cannot login and will not be able to until you do what the mail says. I think the mail is valid for 24hrs and after that you need to do the process again.

Marcel has requested a new password and until the email is followed he can’t login. The problem is his mail provider is not allowing the mail through. This is because the mail provider thinks it’s spam. Decent mail providers should tell their users they have mail which maybe spam. Sometimes they don’t tell your email program there is spam but if you login to the mail server (normally a webpage) you can find the quarantined mails and either allow them to be delivered or you can tell your mail provider that the sender is honest and can be trusted.

We constantly have to jump through hoops here trying to get people’s mail providers to trust us and it’s a losing battle with some companies (BT in the UK is a real offender here).

So people who do not receive their password mails can check if it is in a spam/junk folder on their computer. They can check there mail provider online to see if it is being held. Or they can signup for a free mail account that does work and use that for password reset mails. There is no need to use it for anything else other than password mails so users can continue to use email addresses they have held for a long time.

If you cannot find your reset mails then I would suggest using either gmail or MS Hotmail/Outlook Live. Normally, all SOTA reset / signup emails get delivered by these two services without problem. But if SOTA mails still don’t arrive, both these services provide a web interface where you can check to see what has been held and mark it OK. The fact the MS Hotmail/Outlook Live spam filtering works well and I can find quarantined mails is one reason why I use it myself. gmail is just as good.

No, it’s correct, I copied your address from your account and used it to mail you which you received. Your mail provider doesn’t like SOTA services.

Hello to all,
I had the same problem. the password it was wrong, Now working fine.
73 & DX
Jose (ea7gv)

I have the same problem.
I have an account for SOTAwatch2 and SOTAwatch3 with the same username and PWD…

73 Uli, HB9CGA

My SOTA spotter gives the live time at the top, however spots and alerts are stuck on 22sept. If I try to send a spot, I get error 302 hot spot log in req. Any ideas. I’ll probably delete & reinstall.

Problem solved with delelte and reinstall the SOTAspotter APP…
73 Uli, HB9CGA

Hello MM0FMF,

i changed my E-Mail Adress on sota database and i tried to get the verification Mail again ( with a google mail account and an outlook mail account. I do not get a verification mail with both adresses. Is there an option that you can verify my account manually?

When you change the account details, the server emails the last registered email address for you to confirm the change is legitimate. As you are having problems with receiving emails you wont be able to change the email to the new address. Email me at mm0fmf AT hotmail.coim (fix the AT) and I can get this fixed for you.

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Good evening together,

the problem was my E-Mail Adress. Login and App works well now. Thank you very much Andy for your help!

vy 73 de Marcel DM3FAM