Error in SotaWatch


This may already be known about, but I noticed a short while ago that some of the pop-up messages that are supposed to appear when you move the mouse over spots do not work (at least in compact view).

The spot for N1GVT on W1/GM-015 at 15:44 on 10.112 is one example.

Having copied the HTML into a text editor where I can look closely at the very long lines, it seems to me that the reason it does not work is due to certain characters appearing in comments - it this case it is a single quote symbol that appears the term 73’s that needs to be replaced with the HTML code ' (’)

In PHP this could be done with either the htmlentities() or htmlspecialchars() functions using the ENT_QUOTES flag.

Stewart G0LGS

73 means “best wishes” so 73’s means “best wisheses”

Looks like SOTAwatch is doing a good job suppressing such nonsense! :slight_smile:

As previously mentioned, SOTAwatch’s handles single quotes brutally, both in spots and alerts. And as mentioned many times, currently this is a “wont fix” issue as SOTAwatch is being replaced.

In this case it does not really ‘handle’ the single quote at all it just lets it break something.

So long as you are aware that there is an issue that may need addressing in the replacement (when it arrives).

Hi Andy,

To be pedantic, 73’s does not mean the plural of 73.

But whatever. The English language is descending into anarchy anyway.

Wot eva.

Unless people defend it, that is.

As you agree 73’s (and more so best 73’s) is nonsense therefore repressing it is maintaining standards.


I thought people in your part of the world spoke Strine.


Walt (G3NYY)

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Best 73s everbody!

(Best Best wisheses everybody!)

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Wot d u m3an ? :wink:

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Surely 73s is just lots of best wishes :slight_smile: You can never have too many.

Hi Andy,
I had never heard that 73 means “best regards”.
In Spain we learnt 73 = saludos, which is in fact the plural of “Saludo” and I think Saludos can be traslated into English as “regards” or more precisely “greetings”.

Having said that, saying “Best 73” makes perfect sense to me, as it means Best regards or Best greetings.

Best 73 de Guru

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Language is defined by usage. That is all.

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Indeed, but variations or evolutions should, IMHO, be surveyed and controlled/limited by a superior organism in the aim of preserving a common language, as I believe it currently happens with the different most common Languages Academies.
When the Roman empire was occupying vast territories in Europe, they initially imposed the latin language, but due to the lack of or the impossibility to have at those early times a powerful well organised Latin Language Academy and a way to control the way the Latin language was spoken and was evolving across the vast territories of the Empire, we have ended up having dozens of languages derived from the Latin language mixed with or influenced by the local languages of each of those occupied territories.
Spanish Language Academy veils for a common Spanish Language all across the different countries using this language and thanks to this, despite the obvious and sometimes not little differences, we can talk and understand to each other from Chile to Cuba, Spain, Mexico or the USA.
The same for sure happens with the English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, etc. languages.
After all this, I’m sorry to say that I fear no Language Academy in the World will be able to tell us whether 73 means Regards or Best Regards :wink: :smile:

Best 73 de Guru .

It doesn’t matter does it? We all know what is meant. Perhaps we should simply accept the greeting in the way it is intended rather than over-analysing the syntax!

Abolutely, Tom.
All my argueying was just for fun.

However, let me tell you all something else.
After a quick search on the web with the query “meanning of 73 in morse” but written in Spanish, I got this, which I’m sure Andy MM0FMF will love:

Which means: taken from QST, october 1954, page 57…

This is in the following site:

Here you’ll find an interesting explanation of where the term 73 and many others come from.
It’s said there that 73 means “my compliments”, rather ‘regards’ today.
It’s all written in Spanish but there are the equivalent English expressions.

During a professional telegraphists convention held back in 1859, it was elaborated a numerical code from 1 to 92 assigning numbers to different commonly used expressions in order to save time when transmitting messages in morse code.
These were some in use back in 1905:

I’m pretty sure you will find this explanations in English somewhere in the web.

I hope you’ll find this interesting.

Best 73,


Notice I was always signing off my messages as Best 73 de Guru and I have just learnt in the mentionned site that ‘de’ stands for ‘This is’ so saying ‘Best 73 this is Guru’ doesn’t make much sense to me.
I thought it made sense before because ‘de’ in Spanish means ‘of’ and also ‘from’ so it made perfect sense to me saying ‘Best 73 de Guru’ meanning ‘Best regards from Guru’
From now on I may sign off as ‘Best 73 fm Guru’

Well, sorry for having drifted so much off the original topic…