Equipment Problems on the Summit

The activation of DM/SX-031 Czorneboh on April 6, 2024 went completely crazy due to equipment failure.

My apologies to all the chasers but my key had a contact problem and my sending was erratic and repetitive.

I had to stop after 6 chasers in the log, because my sending became incomprehensible.

Thanks for the patience of all chasers.




Always good to have a back-up. With some xcvr, you can turn the keyer paddle on edge and use one lever as a straight key, Martin.



Although I am not a SOTA activator (yet), I am an enthusiastic WWFF park activator and I have run into equipment problems. I now run a test run from home before I leave for my activation. I now carry a spare paddle and a spare radio when I go out.
de W6LEN / Jess

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Indeed, I have a tiny plastic box with a few SOTA activation essentials (Power-Pole connector with bare wires, tiny EFHW antenna, tiny straight key, pencil, various cable ties, tiny headphones, jack connector, BNC male-male connector etc.). I put this together after a power cable failure in the field. I never get for a SOTA summit without it now :slight_smile:

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