Enough is enough!

Well, recent events on the “Prominence Thread” have caused me to become quite upset. I believe I have a solution.

There has been too much discussion of P150 versus P100, too much discussion around fairness and the like. I can only conclude that the source of the problem is neither the MT nor the various associations in question or their managers. The problem, clearly, is prominence. Therefore, starting today, 1 April 2015 at 0000 UTC, I am announcing a new mountain based radio program with a much clearer set of criteria, the E1000 criteria.

More details at my blog:

I hope we can all take to this new scheme in conjunction with SOTA, and believe me when I say, good luck with the 10 pointers…



Very good Andrew!
You gotta lava that.
I await the complaints about fairness, lack of inclusivity and the future amendments of your rules :stuck_out_tongue:
This could be a hot, explosive, volatile scheme.
Pete :volcano:

I recall a Quebec ham, very adventurous, hiking a VOTA near Kuujjuaq Quebec. As he hiked, it was like minus 80 C but it changed pretty quick.

Special call XL2VA I think, I’m still waiting for my QSL. Being 9 years waiting now HI

I presume that it is allowable to drill into the mantle to create ones own volcano?


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The Russians have tried that approach :smile: Kola Superdeep Borehole - Wikipedia

If that’s what you need to do, then you deserve the 10 points!


I still remember sitting in the living room on a Sunday morning as a kid, and hearing and odd sound. My mom and I looked at each other wondering what it was. The sound was a volcano blowing it’s top 105 miles to the South of us.

The joke in our area is that you can’t consider something a mountain unless it has snow year 'round, or has erupted in the last 100 years.

Darn, you beat me to it. I was going to propose


Half Way Up Summits On The Air

How many times have you got half way up a hill and thought " b@#£*r this, let’s just stop here and put the. aerial up"!! Why waste all that energy going to the top where the weather is so much worse? For the most sensible summits you won’t even need to waste time getting out of the car, you’ll already be there.

Admit it, what’s not to like?

Hi Andrew,

Nice idea, but the same problem with E1000
In our country, it is possible to conquer the beautiful volcanoes and I have visited 11 of them.
But they are too old.
E5000000 (tertiary) is valid for OK.


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An essential piece of kit for this new scheme would be a LOOFA to scrub off all that volcanic dust!

I note one of your blog correspondents suggests activists head for Mt. Agung in Indonesia which is set to erupt at any moment. I hope they don’t meet one of the indigenous birds, the flightless Invisible Rail along the walk-in - I hear they can be dangerous if cornered…


There’s always next year, although VK has an advantage of being able to post right on 0000 UTC April 1 easily enough :wink:

Personally, I love the concept. Activations must be within 25 vertical meters of the car park?


I see the problem. At what point does it stop being a volcano and start being a rock? :smile:

Classic :smiley:

Had me wondering what on earth going on here, and just noted the date :open_mouth:


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Marvellous. :smile:

From a geological point of view it’s still a volcano. If VOTA view is different, there is a problem, that is true.

Check this: http://www.wff44.org/program/wva/

World Volcanoes Award

73 …

Are WFF still using the list of summits they stole from SOTA?

That’s a bit restrictive. Some of the nicest volcanoes are on Io, but the rest of the solar system isn’t even mentioned ;o)


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But the biggest one is on Mars!

Stromboli would be a good practice volcano, IIRC it has an explosive eruption about every quarter hour. OTOH hopefully we have a long wait for Yellowstone!


In the spirit of April 1st…

P100…E1000, either one can be a problem for some people so …realizing that not everyone is in the condition needed to activate a SOTA summit, I offer these quasi-SOTA alternatives as possibilities for those people:

Group Activity Description:
AOTA Activating while having a Heart Attack
BOTA Activating from a Boat
COTA Activating form a COT. You need not be awake for this activity.
DOTA Activating so s l o w l y that everyone falls asleep waiting for your QSO to end
EOTA Activating via email instead of a radio
FOTA A SOTA activation that goes really, really, bad…in so many ways.
GOTA Any activation where Goats are involved
HOTA Activating from a Red Light district
JOTA Activating with a piece of “Junk”… an old, worn out, or broken radio
KOTA Activating…er…Kissing On The Air, with one you love (even if it is only you)
LOTA Activating when you are Lost…you may or may not be on the correct summit while on the air
MOTA Activating a summit while Mobile in motion
NOTA Activating a summit, without actually climbing the summit.
OOTA Activating a summit after a serious screw up
POTA Activating while relieving yourself on a summit
QOTA Activating a government building
ROTA Activating while plowing or tilling a field
TOTA Activating while evading Flying Monkeys and the Wicked Witch
UOTA Activating after borrowing money for that KX3
VOTA Activating from an active Volcano (thanks to VK3ARR)
WOTA Activating while trying to stay on your runaway horse
XOTA Activating Naked. Can be a two person activity.
YOTA Activating while watching any Star Wars movie
ZOTA Activating from a Zoo

Hmmm…I may have already done a few of these

have fun


Oh oh … Watch out the RSGB will be on your case for copyright !

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