Enjoyable visit to NW-054

One of the advantages of living near Mold is that the Clwydian Range is on my doorstep, so unlike the majority of activators who strive to do two summits in order to make their journey worthwhile, I can spend some quality time on one of them!
It’s many years since I’ve walked up Penycloddiau, NW-054, mainly because I hate the drive up the very narrow lane from Nannerch to the parking area, but I braved it today and had a very enjoyable couple of hours on the summit.
The car park was virtually full when I arrived at 1000 because there was an orienteering race about to begin but I managed to squeeze in.
It’s a very easy, steady 25 minute stroll to the summit with stunning views once you leave the woods near the car park.
I set up on 4m first using an end fed half wave wire fastened to the fishing pole and Mike G4BLH came back to the first call followed by five more including regular chasers Mark G0VOF and John MW1FGQ.
For a change I took the hf gear with me and set up the link dipole for 5MHz and Roger G4OWG was first in the log. Conditions on the band were brilliant with virtually all signals coming in at S9 even those running low power.
A nice run of 17 stations before going over to 80m.
Eight contacts on 3.666MHz with the rare event of working Tom M1EYP at his home station!
Finally a QSY to 40m where the QRM was not too bad when I started but soon deteriorated!
19 contacts here comprising G,GM,9A,OE,HB,F,DJ,PA,ON,S51,LA and OK.
During my QSO with Tom I had a visitor who turned out to be a local amateur, Dave GW1PJL and after a quick exchange realised that we both shared another common interest, collecting and using military radios, so that was an added bonus to the day!
Many thanks to Mike G4BLH, Roger G4OWG and Tom M1EYP for spotting me, I don’t possess the technology to self-spot!