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English Summits not activated so far in 2019

Just for interest I have listed summits that have not been activated in 2019 so far.

So for those looking for a December expedition they may be interested in the following


73 de

Andrew G4VFL

I can understand Mickle Fell G/NP-002 and Sighty Crag G/SB-005 being missed out because there’s access issues and remoteness from the road. But Cold Fell G/NP-020 is a really nice summit and well worth a jaunt up.

Mmmmm. Thanks for that. Thats given me a couple of ideas for a pre-xmas outing.

Those sort of stats are really interesting. I know for last year when I went up to Scotland during our mild winter I spent ages looking for the tops that were least activated and some were well worth it as most I’d never been to before or/and had little interest from a mountaineering point of view and a couple were surprisingly spectacular approaches…

Don’t forget you can ask the DB… https://newsotadata.sota.org.uk/en/summit/list then select the association, region and sort by “Oldest Activation” and as they say “my names Robert, I’m your father’s brother” and the least frequently activated are at the top of the list.

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On your recommendation Andy, I might do it this month. It’s 69 miles from me mainly on the M6. 3.9km is a bit of a long walk in but I could bike the first third as per Richard G3CWI’s summit tips.

I hop you enjoy it after my recommendation!

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Thanks. Flush with the success of my first 60m SSB activation last week, I’ll try it again on G/NP-020.

Rogan’s Seat has been activated in 2019. The activator hasn’t submitted a log and these stats are derived from activator entries. The list would be shorter if derived from chaser logs.

An interesting list. Might attempt a joint activation of The Calf before the end of the year.

Cheers, Mark.

I second Andy’s recommendation on Cold Fell G/NP-020 - it is a really pleasant walk up and an interesting summit. If I were choosing from that list, it is the one that I would be going for.

Sighty Crag G/SB-005 and Rogan’s Seat G/NP-014 are long walks, the former being a mixture of forest track and featureless moorland. I can see why it is on so many “never again” lists. Mickle Fell G/NP-002 requires consent which is easily obtained, but from experience getting up there can be quite damp in December. I somehow doubt that all 8 listed will see an activator before New Year.

Just wait until you get stuck into the GM summits. :smile:

Might have to do something about the NP ones as they are all only a short drive. Can almost see Mickle fell from home!!

The Calf is a wonderful walk. Can’t believe I’ve only done it once. it’s neighbour Yarlside is not so pleasing and a bit of a slog - but you would have to walk past it on your return after The Calf, so tends to get factored in to a double activation.


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Mickle Fell would complete NP for me. Just need to get my finger out and get permission in conjunction with the seaweed to forecast a nice day!


Would indicate the following dates for Mickle Fell:-
23 and 31 December 2019

You can be certain not to tread on curlew eggs for the above dates.

I really need to go back to Rogan’s Seat for 4m and 23cm. If I am lucky it will be between Christmas and the New Year.

Andrew G4VFL

Not sure either of those dates will work for me Andrew. Looking at the diary the end of the year is racing towards me and time for activations this year is running out (hence grabbing a crafty summit on Thursday morning)

Unless things have changed fairly recently these dates are compleltly irrelevant to Mickle Fell.
They refer to use of the rights of way in the Warcop Range. No right of way goes anywhere near the summit . Mickle Fell is on a shooting estate and their use of the area dictates access. Go through the proper procedure for access to Mickle Fell. If access is available you are sent a permit for access on the date (or dates) that you request.
Be warned - by English standards this area is VERY wet.

Edit:- the office is on email and I will add the address when I find it unless someone else beats me to it.

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FB Andrew - good thread this by the way. I am now back chasing on the 4m band - horizontal polarisation. A good chance I can get through to you on Rogan’s Seat from Pickering. I’ve never come across a Curlew nest as pictured - nice photo.

73 Phil G4OBK

Hi - as the weather for tomorrow is not completely awful, and since poor old Sighty Crag G/SB-005 is missing out so far this year, I’ll attempt to get there around 12:00z +/- based on legs and managing to get out the house in time!

Likely won’t manage much more this year due to various factors.

Will be 20m and 40m first and then have a bash at 2m fm. All on 5w.



Go through the proper procedure for access to Mickle Fell. If access is available you are sent a permit for access on the date (or dates) that you request. See:-

Be warned - by English standards this area is VERY wet.
The office is on email - in April 2017 it was:-
Tel: Civilian 017683 43230 / Military 94542 3230