Emergency freq 14300

After working EA2IF/p on 14300 and listening in a while a station popped up declared the freq must be kept clear for emergency,s.

Erhh since when is this freq an emergency one

After Guru went, they laughed two other stations and just chit, chatted in Spanish sounded like a joke to me plus no calls given at all. Now surely they should have stated nature of the so called emergency and used call signs to ID them selves.

if this is some form of prank, its not a good one.
But end of day is there another emergency in progress and then ok but its advised well across the net.

Any one else tuned in during this period of this morning


Hi Karl,

According to the RSGB web site 14.300 is the “Global Emergency Centre of Activity”.


Its also the frequency claimed by the “Maritime Mobile Net” in the USA, a very territorial group!

If there is a declared emergency then such frequencies should be avoided, but I see no reason to not use them if there is no declared emergency.


You need to get some big valves Karl, that is your problem :wink:

Thanks again guys.


Just confirming when there is an emergency - Earthquake, flooding etc. 14.300 is one of the frequencies that can be used once an emergency has been called (there are also frequencies on 40m 7110KHz for Region 1, and on 17m, 18160 KHz). As far as I know, these frequences are not intended for individuals to use if they get themselves in danger somewhere, rather only for major incidents, to support the emergency services.


Hi Karl,
When I was activating Mt. Sarobe EA2/NV-150 this morning on 14.300 SSB and the pile-up had dried out, a weak voice in English (and an English mother tongue accent) said that was an emergency frequency and it should be kept clear. He didn’t identified himself with a callsign or anything else.
As I said, the pile-up was over and it seemed to me that I had already worked all interested chasers. Since I didn’t have any interest to open a discussion with this guy about the matter I responded that OK I will QSY.
In that moment my local friend Jorge EA2LU, who had chased me earlier and was listening on the frequency, as many time does, made a comment showing his surprise after such statement from the unidentified voice and then we exchanged a few overs in Spanish about this and about my plans to QSY to other band and whether I needed any help for spotting and it wasn’t necessary because I was able to selfspot and that’s it.
You are right, Karl, we didn’t say callsigns in that very rapid exchange of comments, but it was me who had been occupying the frequency for the last almost 20 minutes, so I saw no need to do it for just a few overs I exchanged with my friend Jorge, which didn’t last more than one minute or two. May be you didn’t recognise me because I switched to Spanish and spoke with a lower voice because I was talking to a local friend and I didn’t need to speak out loud in order to squeeze out all the power of my FT-817 final transistors.
My reasoning whenever someone tells me about keeping clear an emergency frequency while there’s no emergency around is: what’s the point with having an emergency frequency completely empty with nobody listening?
Perhaps, there’s a permanent listening service on those frequencues, but I’m not aware of such service and I doubt it actually exists.

Best 73 from Guru

Yes, 14.300 is guarded in the U.S. by the Maritime Mobile Net, which is 99% of the time useless as teats on a bull, but the regular participants (no life to speak of) are very full of themselves and militantly territorial. They have zero official standing, but invariably claim occupancy even when no net activity is taking place. That, of course, makes it a very good frequency for a radio check because there is always someone listening who will let you know your signal has been heard.

That is an awesome idea. “Is this frequency in use?” should result in a loud, indignant pileup. Who needs a dummy load?

Just kidding. I’m active in local emergency comms. I don’t mind staying off 14.300. They really did help rescue someone recently. Dang, can’t find the news article.


Thanks for enlightening me there Guru.

Certainly learnt a few more things here. we were told many moons ago if a station pops up while your in mid qso asking for assistance or even SOS call the freq is handed straight over to assist said party.

No did not know it you your good self talking in Spanish.
But thanks again getting back to me on this one.

But surely the station stating this is the emergency freq keep clear should ID themselves.

Again to all thanks for the interesting input


A station who calls in on a frequency with any comment without giving their call sign is breaking their licence conditions and should therefore be treated the same as a pirate and ignored.