Email of LX1NO

Hi all,

I need email of LX1NO, however due to problems with I am not able to get it, could anyone give me email of LX1NO ?

Best weekend.

David Quental

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Having problems here too with, anyone know what’s going on there.??



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Hello DL1DLF,

viel dank.


David Quental

De nada.

Now back on line:

Amazon Power Failure knocks out QRZ for 12 hours

A massive power failure in Northern Virginia, associated with violent summer storms, caused the Amazon Cloud to hiccup, throwing thousands of systems offline for an extended period. Hundreds of systems were affected, including QRZ.

This outage did not affect our servers but did cause a complete database failure. After waiting all night for Amazon to restore our data, we took the bold step this morning to restore from an automated backup. At this point in time we’re not sure what data was lost, if any, but there is a possibility that some material may have been dropped.

To the best of our knowledge, the our callsign database did not lose any data. Candidates for data loss include parts of our Forums, however this has not been confirmed.

We appreciate your patience as this has been a nerve wracking 12 hours, and a sleepless night here at QRZ HQ.

Fred Lloyd, AA7BQ
Publisher, QRZ.COM


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I guess that must be what they call a cloudburst? :slight_smile:

Someone was saying how dodgy trusting stuff to the cloud can be just recently. Can anyone remember who it was ?


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It was you :sunglasses:


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Hi friends,
I know that has become very popular, but try excellent WW callbook from OK2CQR =

GL, Karel

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I know that has become very popular, but try excellent WW
callbook from OK2CQR =

Unfortunately my address is incorrect in OK2CQR’s callbook.

Walt (G3NYY)