Eleven Mountains Activation in DM/BW-Region

Depending on WX, our local radio club A18 Furtwangen plans to activate serveral mountains in the Black Forest (DM/BW region) at the same time on Saturday, July 13th. The activity is supported by HAMs of the local radio clubs A05, A14, A28, A34 and P24.
From 08:30 UTC, our teams will initially operate on 2m/FM. After that some teams will also be qrv on KW (mainly 7-SSB and 14-SSB).
Spots are submitted to Sota

Our mountains are DM/BW-001, DM/BW-002, DM/BW-003, DM/BW-009, DM/BW-014, DM/BW-015, DM/BW-067, DM/BW-115, DM/BW-233, DM/BW-284 and DM/BW-531.

We look forward to many QSOs.

Best 73
Clemens, DD2TC (A18)


Many thanks Clemens @DD2TC for organizing the activity again this year.

73 Marcel DM3FAM

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