Elegant wire guide

Today the weather is terrible and I took the chance to finish my OCX Mini for 30m.
Of course I need an antenna for it. An EFHW was quickly built. It will of course hang as Inv-V on the telescopic pole.

The other day I got hold of some strain reliefs for hanging lamps. They are available with 2 or 3 holes. They are great for holding the antenna wire. You can easily slide the wire through while pushing up the pole.

Maybe this is something new only for me… but I find it handy… and maybe it will help someone.

73 Armin


Very Good Idea!!!
I am going to try that too.
John Paul // AB4PP

I just use a clove hitch in the wire on the top of my perch pole. It sits nicely where ever I put it on the taper. (Of course it is not free sliding)

For the end of the wire a reef knot joins the string to the wire.

My wire is very thin ~1mm O.D.

Hallo Simon

Of course it works… well, even. Especially if you know the spot on the wire where you want to fix it.
I am almost always on the summit with my vertical. I have no problem there. I just push the wire up with the telescopic pole.
I once watched Paul DL6FBK setting up his dipole. He slid his telescopic pole apart lying on the ground, attached the wire and set it up. It needs space for that, which I don’t always have.

When I try to push up an Inv-V, I always have to be extremely careful not to wrap the wires around the pole. I have already had to push the pole back together and start again. But maybe I’m just clumsy here.

Now, with this little plastic piece, I just put both wires a little to the side and push the pole up. If something gets stuck, I shake the wire and it comes loose again. My wires are 22 - 26 AWG.

73 Armin

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I use cut up and drilled old bank cards. They’re great for dipole centres too and weigh almost nothing.

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:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Old bank cards are useful for many things (current even more :wink:) … also for opening doors …

73 Armin