Elecraft T1 pcb size?

Hello all,
Been browsing around various websites trying to find measurements of the T1 pcb.
The FAQ’s states “about 2 by 3 inches”.
Anyone on the reflector who has an T1 and is willing to open it to take some measurments?
The reason is that I’m trying to find out if I could possibly fit it inside my MTR4B.
//Tommy, SA2CLC

Hi Tommy

70mm x 57mm x 18mm

The LEDs, buttons and BNC connectors not included.




My (…) Elecraft T1 PCB size measures 71 x 57.5 mm (required free height min. 18 mm).

The distance between the 4 mounting posts (center-center) is 71 x 57,5 mm.

73 gl, Heinz


Hi Tommy,

On putting it back together, I notice that the 3.5mm socket on the side of the PCB also protrudes a few mm, as can be seen in the photo top left…

Thank you guys, looks like it would fit the bill quite well, the inside of the 4B box measures 101mm by 73mm. Only issue would be the minimum height but it should work. Is the “control board” the highest point, and can it be removed and relocated by using wires instead of pin headers?

I read too fast, buttons and leds not included :slight_smile:
18mm would leave 1mm gap… Might be a smidge to tight…

T1 is ordered. Will let you know how it turns out

Tested. Had to mill out the bottom of the box to gain some space to house both the RTC battery and tuner. Milled the side to get a nice place to mount the control buttons. Turned out good, although thinking of adding an attiny reading the band voltage and sending the T1 band data upon band change. Takes quite long to tune…


Very nice project!

73 de Martin, DK3IT

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