Elecraft price increase

Just in case you’re thinking of a KX2 or 3 ….

This was sent by Eric Schwartz, CEO of Elecraft.

This is an early price increase alert for our list readers:

We will be increasing prices across all of our product lines at the end of
this month, on Jan. 31st.
Our on-line order forms will update with the new pricing at that time.

As we all have seen on the news and felt personally, inflation pressures
have pushed up prices for everyone over the past year. In our case the
costs for electronic components, sheet metal, displays etc. have all
increased significantly. And of course, our assembly and labor costs have
gone up. We’ve been absorbing all of these cost increases to date, but we
are now at the point where we must increase prices in order to keep our
products profitable and to provide you with the great products and service
you expect.

All orders placed with us -prior- to the increase date of January 31st will
be charged at the lower current pricing, even if they ship after the price
increase date.
Please order soon, as that will avoid the usual last minute crush of

Lastly, please resist the urge to call or email our sales/support team
about which products will be changing price or how much the changes will
be, as they do not have this information. (We’re still in the middle of
reviewing all of our cost changes.)

I apologize for the increase - We’ll strive to keep the price changes as
reasonable as possible.