Elecraft KXPD3 Paddles on a KX2

Hi Guys,
Is anyone using the KXPD3 Paddle on an Elecraft KX2? Elecraft’s app note indicates that you need to be cautious about using the wrong size thumb screws.
I do not have a conical screw, both are blunt and appear to be the same size.

Hope that helps

73 gl, Heinz

BTW, I once did a design study “on the basis” of a KXPD3 paddle … maybe someday a manufacturer will develop a marketable product out of it …

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Thank you Heinz! There is a significant difference in the screw length with the old style screws. Very nice key platform!

Follow up to my original post.

I received an email from Elecraft and they said “The KXPD2 and KXPD3 will work with the KX2 and KX3. Since one key is longer than the other, the KXPD3 can bottom out when the rear kickstand of the KX2 is extended.”

You must use the shorter size screws when using the KPDX3 paddle on the KX2. I don’t believe this is an issue with newer style keys because they are shipped with short screws.

Elecraft App Note:

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