Elecraft KX2 nylon pull-loop for battery plug

Does anyone know a supplier for the nylon pull-loop on the battery plug - at a reasonable (total) price?

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Von: “Eric Swartz - WA6HHQ, Elecraft” eric@elecraft.com
Datum: 9. Februar 2018 um 22:56:35 MEZ
An: Heinz Baertschi heinz.baertschi@bluewin.ch, elecraft@mailman.qth.net
Betreff: [Elecraft] KX2 Nylon pull-loop for battery plug⁩

These are our own design and are made custom for us for use on the KX2.


The answer to my follow-up question about availability as an Elecraft spare part is still pending.

And here the hoped for answer:

Von: “Eric Swartz - WA6HHQ, Elecraft” eric@elecraft.com
Datum: 9. Februar 2018 um 23:30:00 MEZ
An: Heinz Bärtschi heinz.baertschi@bluewin.ch
Betreff: Aw:⁨ [Elecraft] KX2 Nylon pull-loop for battery plug⁩

Hi Heinz,

Yes, we can sell them in small quantities as spare parts.


Hi Henz

I would like to have some as well. If the “small quantities” is a figure too much to you I could get a few ones and, of course, paying for it.

73 de Pedro, CT1DBS

Sorry Pedro,

The question for spare nylon pull-loops was asked only for those who can not or do not want to do something themselves.
Note 1: To mount a spare nylon pull-loop in the original way, the plug has to be removed (!). Of course, the pull-loop can be secured also in another way.
Note 2: The main reason that the original nylon pull-loops tear out is that they are pulled out at a too steep an angle instead of horizontallly.

I myself have found a very simple solution for a pull-loop (photos attached), applicable either as a replacement or together with a backup battery and therefore I will not buy any spare parts.

How to do it (see also photos below):

  1. Cut a nylon thread (0.4 mm in diam. and about 30 cm in length)

  2. Unscrew the connector housing by approx. 1 mm

  3. Form a loop with the nylon thread, adjust the length of the loop so that the distance from the beginning of the plug to the end of the loop is max. 50 mm and fasten it with only 1 knot to the plug.
    Note 3: The max. length of 50 mm allows to pull out the connector exactly horizontally.

  4. Carefully tighten the connector housing

  5. Take the two open ends of the nylon thread and wrap them together around the connector so that they fill up the gap and knot them with the loop (these knots come to lie outside the connector housing). Cut the 2 open ends to a length of 3-4 mm.

Hi Heinz

Your solution will work FB. Thank you for the photos.
However, the nylon pull-loop made by Elecraft is the best solutions that I had see and it will be nice to have a few spares.


Pedro, CT1DBS