Elecraft KX1

Hello everyone,

Looking for a KX1 if anyone has one or knows of anyone willing to part with one please shoot me an email. I’m good on QRZ.

and 73,

Stan - N8HN

Same here, also looking for a KX1.
Also good on QRZ.com


You might want to try eham classifieds: Classifieds Home

I’m not looking to sell my KX1, but will take advantage of the attention this thread is drawing from KX1 owners. I bought my KX1 two years ago from the OM who built it (and did a very nice job, too). Now I’m getting ready to try my hand at building and installing the add-on board to add 80m and 30m to the rig. Looking for a contact or two who have successfully done this already and are willing to respond to questions if I get into trouble. Any volunteers?
TKS and 73,
Scott, WB8ICQ