Elecraft KX-1 Problems, fault and hints

I do believe many of our friends here have one KX1 or know them well.
My rig is abt 1.5 year old and I already suffered a problem with the relay K1 on the filter module LPF1. The capacitor C44 on main board that isolate +12 on the PA transistor from filter unit and the antenna. This had shorted out and I believe was reason for the faulty relay K1.
Since I already was disappointed by bad RX sensitivity on 30m transformer T2 on main board and L1 and L2 on LPF1 was re-wound.
The PA transistor was also changed so no problem would occur later.
The Relay was suplied by www.ELFA.se and capasitor changed to a surplus type with higher voltage.

BUT yesterday.
KX1 displayed a E in display and my 3,5 and 10Mhz unit was not accessible.
The antenna tuning unit did not work. At my aging stage (soon 45y) I believe glasses are mandatory in the rucksack.Could not read the super mini print on my portable programming chart. I called up LA1ENA Aage and he read the instruction for restarting and enrolling the faulty units. Thanks Aage. Soon back on air. Power out some 1w and battery 10.6volt.
The rig has been out in all weather but yesterday it get real wet in Sweden on SM/VD-003. Has any of you tried to spray entire boards with coating clear plastic. ( Sorry to all for my relative bad English. )
72/73 de Kjell LA1KHA

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Hello Kjell,

I haven’t sprayed my KX1 which has been out in all weathers too.

It might invalidate you’re KX1 if it is still in warranty. I would recommend emailing Elecraft directly support@elecraft.com or posting an email to the Elecraft reflector group or searching its archives, I’m sure this has come up there before.

The only problem I’ve had with my KX1 was when it was zapped by static once, when its wet I get inside my bivvy or bothy bag.

Roger MW0IDX

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I would not recommend spraying the printed-circuit boards with anything. Some plastics may reduce the Q of the toroids and all will make it hard to fault-find or repair the KX1 at a later date.

I used to have a KX1 and it was reliable. However I was less happy with it once the 80m board was installed as it never seemed quite as good as it was before.



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Tanks for your replay dr om Roger.
I used it to day and now all ok,
I agree with Richard G3CWI that the spray may changing the Q- factor of the cols and transformer is covered. But still I feel that the KX1 should bee better protected from moisture. i try to cover it in rain and snow. And open it to put it on my heated floor to be real dry at night.

72/73 Kjell

In reply to G3CWI:
Tanks for your comment.
72/73 Kjell