Elecraft KX-1 battery screws

Dear all,

If like me you have a KX-1, it’s possible one or more of your AA battery holder screws has failed. The screws always looked a little short to me and only really bit in to the back plate by 1 thread. Well, one of mine failed the other day when removing batteries. I ordered replacements, 2-52 (imperial) & 3/16" long. I’ve replaced all four and they seem much more secure, they do protrude out of the back plate by 0.04" or about 2 threads.

Anyway, I have 6 remaining which I don’t need, so if anybody has a similar problem you can have 1 or more of these. I’ll post them to you foc. You need a very small allen key though, I had a 1.3mm key that seemed to fit well.


Ian mm0gyx