EI/IS Activations 16-21 April

It is school mid-term holidays and I will be active again from the Dingle Peninsula all next week. The wx looks promising so prospects are good. Top priorities on this trip are IS-005 Bauretregaum, IS-009 Beenoskee, IS-044 Dromavally, IS-044 Moanlaur, and IS-062 Cummeen. I will probably activate some of lower summits also with family support. All activations will be 40/30/20m, 5-10w ssb/cw.

73 John EI3KA


Hope the WX gods are kind.

I was looking at IE/IS-004 for late July myself. Strange it has not been activated .

Good luck with your activations.


I have been watching the spots and listening with headphones hoping to catch you for a contact on 20 & 40 yesterday and today Monday. We are to close I think. I have called for you a couple of times on 145:500 FM just in case you have a hand-held with you. I’m off work this week so will listen for you. QTH here is IO72RC 650ft asl looking out over Cardigan bay. Enjoy your activations.

73’ Don GW0PLP.

Hi Don

Just back from EI/IS-040. Sorry, I didn’t bring any 2m gear with me on this trip. It’s probably a bit far for for GW from here, I think on 2m in any case.

I have only got one G station in the log so far - G3VXJ in Worthing, who was very loud on 40m this morning.

I hope to activate IS-109 / IS-116 if possible on a family walk later today - I will alert as plans firm up.

73 John EI3KA

Hi John,

Heard the stations working you. I will be listening on the Irish Counties contest this afternoon on 70cm & 2mtr FM & SSB.

73’ Don GW0PLP