EI/IS-104 Croaghmore, Great Blasket Island

Apologies to the chasers I asked to stand by today, I had a group of about 20 walkers very interested in what I was doing and after asking them to wait three times, I felt a bit ignorant and asked chasers to stand by. What I thought would be a few minutes of explanation turned into a 15 minute talk with photo shoot to a very interested group.
By the time I got back to the key everyone must have thought I had gone QRT.

Apologies once again.

Dave at the moment EI/G4ASA

In reply to G4ASA:

Hi Dave, I must have worked you before then as you had a growing pile-up on 10.118. I could not read you reliably enough on 7.032 to call you as you were in & out of the noise but on 30m you were a cracking signal. I threw my call into the pile-up & heard a part of it coming back followed by GA Mark etc. so I hope it was actually me you were working at the time, I certainly didn’t hear anybody else replying at the same time & our sign-off was spot on.

Thanks & best 73,

Mark G0VOF

In reply to G0VOF:
Hi Mark
Yes, worked you at 1135 599 both ways. thanks for the call.