EI/IS-011, Knockmealdown abandoned

Apologies for the curtailed activation of EI/IS-011, Knockmealdown today. Sheltering from the wind on the lee side (east) of the summit I failed to see the forecast storm clouds arriving early and it was the obliterating static QRN that alerted me. Thanks to all of the 7MHz chasers but there was no time to call on 14MHz as the torrential rain started.

I quickly pulled down the 2 antennae, packed and fled the summit. Then halfway down the sun came out again. I was almost dry back at the car park!

Thunder storm has arrived now.

I’ll try to better in future!



Mountains will always be there for another day - keep safe :+1: good to work you on 7MHz from a sunny GW!

73, Ben

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Thanks for the S2S to Minch Moor GM/SS-133 - I was packing up having finally lifted my head to the south,only for the rain to come in hard and faster than I thought it would. Fortunately had my tarp acting as a wind break so a quick adjustment gave some cover during the worst of it.



Thanks Ben,

Mountains have a way of dealing with overconfidence! Hermann Buhl