EI/IE-003 Car break-in

I made a rare EI/IE trip to Wicklow yesterday activating three summits EI/IE-005 Kippure, EI/IE-012 Scarr and EI/IE-003 Tonelagee. After a quick activation of Tonelagee from the Wicklow Gap car park on the R756 between Glendalough and Hollywood, I was looking forward to a brew-up before I hit the road, only to find that the rear passenger-side window of my car was broken. Fortunately nothing was taken and all valuables including my back-up 817 and sat-nav were still safely in the boot. However, I had to cancel my planned overnight stop and it meant a long drive back to County Galway with my survival bag covering the hole. Maybe I was just unlucky, but there seems to be an issue in the area with this sort of crime - If you are activating in the area, beware.

Hello John @EI3KA.

You don’t want to experience something like that. I am very sorry :confused: But I’m glad to read that nothing was stolen and no one was hurt :+1: Unfortunately, the material damage remains. All the best and thanks for the warning.

73 Marcel DM3FAM


Sorry to hear that this has happened to you John, hopefully you be able to get the damage repaired on your car soon. Sounds to me that activators may need to avoid activating EI/IE-003 for a short while until the car crime in this car park comes to a stop.

Jimmy M0HGY


Hi John,

sorry to see what happened. Unfortunately car break in’s are a problem in the main tourist car parks in Wicklow at weekends due to the areas easy accessibility from Dublin . I tend to activate early mornings and get back to car by the early afternoon as there are more people (hikers and tourists) about the car parks or robbers sleep late. Hope it won’t put you off a return visit.



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Hi Declan,

It was unfortunate but it won’t put me off. Apart from 25 Euros excess on my insurance (and the buffeting on my eardrums driving home), no damage done. As you suggest, best to get out early before the bad lads have got out of bed. Otherwise I had a great day - three new ones for me. I particularly enjoyed Scarr EI/IE-012…

73 John


Also, FYI parking at Mahon Falls in Waterford is a well known blackspot for breakins too. It’s a possible start point for Fauscoum (EI/IS-012) if you just fancy a walk to the summit, rather than the climb from Kilclooney woods. There’s a horsebox selling coffee in Kilclooney, so there’s always someone about.


Scarr is really nice, there’s a Brasher Hut in the woods on the Wicklow Way towards Oldbridge about 2km from the summit, nice place to spend the night outdoors for some dawn summits in the summer months


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