EI/GI activations

Hope to do a number of rare GI/EI summits commencing next week, while on a family visit. Will try and do a couple of Mourne summits on Thursday/Friday next week, followed by a cluster of EI east and South hills as wx and time (from golf and Guinness) permits. Will try to alert the day before, and spot when QRV.
Frequencies will be (± QRM) FE,(in GI), 7065,7032,3666,14285 and 144.320ssb. 50W/Dipole/4ele.
Keen to see how 2m ssb works out so please beam W and NW.
Hope to work you all.
Frank G3RMD

In reply to G3RMD:
Hi Frank
Will be looking for you on the usual mode! Also now QRV on 4m with a homebrew 6 ele (boom is longer than its support) - so if you feeling adventurous … (!)
Hope you manage to sink lots of putts (+ your fair share of Guinness!).
73 de CRIS

In reply to GM4FAM:
Hi Chris,
Had not planned to do 4M. No capability portable yet, but will obviously look out for you on the other bands.