EH2EUS - Special Call from Basque Summits

Dear All,

Just to let you know that EH2EUS Special call will be on the air from 27 Nov 2019 to 3 Dec 2019, celebrating International Basque Language Day event, which will be held on 3rd December. Some EA2 activators will be using this call from SOTA summits.

Sacred peaks, rolling hills… in brief mountains always have been appreciated in the basque culture, the same Pyrenees that separate Spain from the rest of Europe united the Basques. But, we must not forget that it is our ancient mother language that truly unites us. It was spoken on this lands 5.000 years ago, before the Indo-Europeans arrived and it is spoken today.

We look forward to hearing you, best regards!

73 de eb2gkk, Inaki.


If weather permits, we will be “on air” from the mountains on Saturday 30 and Sunday 1 activating SOTA with the special callsign EH2EUS.

We hope to contact you!!

73 de EA2DCA

Hi Inaki,
Good to see this special event activity, but like TM8CDX in path was hard to find the “SOTA” stations ! RBN take all stations heard but many were not SOTA :slight_smile:
Was waiting for your own spots to avoid the good operation.
Solution … : was maybe to put EH2EUS/P call on alerts ! I don’t know :slight_smile:
Always SOTA event are appreciated, thanks for this one. I trying to copy you on 10Mhz but no skip !
73 Eric F5JKK

Dear Chasers,
First of all, sorry for the inconvenience that these wrong sota spots may cause you.
Let me begin by clarifying here the list of sota references and the transmission mode that has been used on 30 November, 2019. This can help you to check your sota qso, specially on cw.

EA2DCA&EA2DNO from EA2/VI-038 only on SSB
EC2AG from EA2/BI-057 only on SSB
EB2GKK from EA2/NV-132 only on CW & 10Mhz between 11:00-11:45utc

As Eric has mentioned above, many spots comming from our headquarter station had been automatically noted into Sotawatch. All cw signals are picked by RBN robots network but the gateways are who processes the data taking the rest of information from the alert web site.

It occurs to me that perhaps these gateways could be improved a bit by adding one or more filter pointing to the mode, band announced before onto alerts list. In case of have more than one operator calling from diferents summits, it will work properly as long as the activators respect each mode & band.

If activators do not put its alerts, just its spots this problem could be solved ? Of course while any other operator stay quiet on cw. I do not know, maybe any of you can give us an answer to that.

Salut Eric, cette fois nous n’avons pas pu contacter dans cette bande de 30m. Demain s’il ne pleut pas nous retournerons à la montagne.

Here the images of the day…

Best regards, 73.

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