You have forgotten the Lymm truck stop

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The Cloud G/SP-015 - Monday 26th February 2018

M1EYP’s 1000th activation of this summit.

Pleasant ascent in heavy snow. Called on 2m Fusion but no response despite heavy promotion on SOTAwatch and the North West Fusion Facebook group.

Pete 2E0LKC and Anne 2E0LMD were worked on 2m FM analogue before I did get Tony G4DEE on C4FM. I spotted a note on the aforementioned Facebook group that a member there was listening for me, so I switched back on and Chris 2E0MOW was a great signal. He didn’t hear my responses though.

So just three QSOs, and a tricky drive home down lanes covered in a layer of ice topped with a layer of snow.


Wow amazing Tom, CONGRATULATIONS on 1000!
But aren’t you worried that you’ll ‘wear-down’ the summit till it won’t have any points? hee hee.
Did you see the container where my files are kept up there ‘in The Cloud’?
Good hiking. 73 Vick k7vk


Well done indeed. Sorry to have missed this momentous milestone. No doubt you will do something a bit more flamboyant for your 5000th activation? Few activators have managed 1000 activations but 1000 on one summit is amazing. Remind us how many points you have earned activating The Cloud?

Remind me who wrote the rules and I’ll redirect you there for your answer.

If you can think of something more flamboyant than C4FM (“Choice 4 Flamboyant Mode”), then please advise.

Back to your question, as I know you probably can’t be bothered to research who initially wrote the rules, then it will, of course, be one point per calendar year in which I have done SOTA. G/SP-015 is one of just three summits that I have activated in every year of SOTA’s existence.

Therefore, x = 17.

Average activator points per activation of The Cloud = 0.017.

Average number of QSOs per point earned = 1563. (And to think I’ve been accused of being a “four-and-run” merchant!)