Editing of my own SOTA Reflector topics

There is a “feature” that allows an administrator to change the timestamp of a post but what the effect of that would be to the post itself and the subsequent posts, I have no idea. I speculate as to whether changing the timestamp of a post to a something within the last 60 days would actually allow the author to edit but of course no one has tried this and no one knows the consequences.

However administrators as far as I remember, can always edit a post no matter how old so if there is something that critically needs to be changed, one of the administrators should be able to fix that on request.

Relying quite a lot on my memory that may be faded.

Hi Stephan, I also feel that some kind of long-term editing facility should be made available to authors of Reflector posts to cater for such exceptional circumstances as you have mentioned - however, I also appreciate the point of disabling editing after a certain period. So, how to resolve this quandary?

One practical solution might be to follow the lead of several others here who post their sometimes quite lengthy activations reports in their own personal blogs, and who then write a very short article here in this reflector, placing a link to their blog in the article. The blog can of course always be edited… Meine zwei Pfennige nur, neh? :wink:

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But Stephan, a report is a report, not an editable guide. It describes what happened on a particular occasion. It is a historical document.

Suppose on an ascent you followed a path which was later carried away by a landslip, the fact that you can no longer follow that path doesn’t change the fact that you did follow that track. Information of that sort of change does not belong in the report, it belongs in a later post in the same thread, or a new thread.


What about those of us who will NEVER write a personal blog? Not at any time for any reason. And is there such a thing as a permanently hosted for free blog? Any blog with a hosting fee will eventually disappear, leaving a dead link on the summit page. What happens to your history then? While currently not a perfect solution, a SOTA hosted activation report will live as long as SOTA does

Then you won’t have one. End of.

Only if you don’t pay the bills…

[quote=“DM1CM, post:22, topic:12152”]
One practical solution might be to follow the lead of several others here…
[/quote]My comments took the form of a suggestion - one is left to decide for oneself how one wishes to report one’s activations. Take out a double-spread in the New York Times, maybe?

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Yes that would be a solution I could take into consideration. As a positive consequence nothing needs to be changed on the SOTA reflector.
But on the downside, this would mean that the activation report and the replies from SOTA readers reside on completely different sites, which might not be very inviting to comment about the report.

I will see…

73 Stephan, DM1LE

Ability to edit is essential, I just had to edit a post 3 times for each typo I spotted in my tiny mobile window.

However auto locking posts makes good sense. Here is probably less than most places but on the photo forum I admin we have had smart asses come back and change posts to be offensive, and of course the usual come back and add a back link for their spam.

Another route they use is linked images, which we allow though I personally would restrict just to attachments.
All they need to do is swap out the image for one named the same and it could be literally anything. Had that too of course.
Most boards the mods can see the edit history so if people go editing posts to take out things that make replies to them not seem right the mods can see the real story.

A few minutes for corrections and a day for edits seems OK and typical to me.