Editing my latest activator log

Taken from the FAQ,
Q: Is there a way I can edit my logbook entry? After I checked my logbook submission and then hit the submit button, I realised I entered a callsign incorrectly.

A: Unfortunately there is no simple way to correct part of an entry. In the case of a Chaser entry you will have to delete the contact and re-enter it correctly. In the case of an Activator log it is best to copy the log of the activation and correct the copy, then delete the original and replace it with the corrected copy.
I’ve tried this and when trying to upload the corrected CSV file I just get this error,

An error has occurred whilst processing line 1 of the input file.

The error was:

Too few data fields. There must be at least 7 fields.

Please ensure the input file is valid SOTA CSV or TSV file.

I deleted the original log so looks like I will have to type it all in again.

It looks as if you are uploading in the wrong format.
Provided that you still have the downloaded CSV file you can edit that to correct the original mistake. You MUST then save it in CSV (pure text) format. Then it should reload correctly.

Tnx Rod I’ve re-uploaded the original, the problems seems to be when I try to save the edited version of CSV file I get messages about features being changed and then a few yes/no boxes that I must not be answering correctly. I have just put a wrong time in my log so I think maybe I best leave it.

You may have deleted the file but luckily the database maintains a copy for 24hrs before purging it.

The problem is your file is not a CSV file. Every line starts and ends with a double quote and so this means there is only one field per line in your file. That’s why the error message about not enough fields were given.

Whatever you have used to edit the file is not suitable to edit CSV files. You didn’t use some program like Word did you?

Edit the file and remove the quotes and it will upload.

You might be using MS Excel for editing the files. Best is to use a plain text editor. Importing CSV into Excel and then exporting it to CSV again is prone to conversion errors.

Hope that helps.
73 de Martin, DK3IT

Got it now Rod and co, I was doing the edit in workbook format then re-saving as a CSV. obviously that doesn’t work. kept as CSV everything fine, tnx for your help.

I am forced to use Excel 2016 at work. Just about everyone now uses illegally installed copies of LibreOffice (which is not approved by our IT Mandarins) to do the real work and then suck the data into Excel for passing on. The next person then extracts the data so they can use LibreOffice…ad infinitum.

Despite pointing this out an offering the chance for the company to save zillions of Dollar$$$$$ we continue to have approx 15000 user licences for Office. Why? Because it is a standard.


Just related: If you have to manipulate lots of Excel data: There is a great Python library for reading, manipulating and writing MS Excel files:


For any non-trivial operations, this is way more transparent and productive as compared to MS Excel itself.

IMO, this ideally happens in Jupyter notebooks, as is part of the Anaconda package:

Martin, DK3IT

You could save all the hassle of Excel and use a program made for the job!


Stewart G0LGS


Yes, however it’s only for Windows users. Like many out there I use a Mac with Excel. CSV files are easy use, never had a problem with CSV uploads.

Andrew VK1AD

SOTA CSV Editor will run in a Ubuntu Virtual Machine with WINE.