Editing/Delete Alerts

I posted an alert and noticed that I put the wrong time. Now I’m logged in and can’t delete the alert. What do I need to do? I post from SOTA Goat from iOS App.

Erik WX4ET

The word “edit” should appear as part of that alert if you are signed in and the writer of the alert. Click it and you will then have the choice of delete or update. 73’s Herm KB1RJC

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There is no edit when I’m logged in. That’s the issue.

Erik WX4ET

Have you tried looking on the web interface (not SOTA Goat)? You will only see the edit and delete options there if you are logged it. It may be an issue with SOTA Goat in which case you would have to contact the author of that software.

So why is it with my account,
One can just go to link tap on section I require say logging and it comes up so easy, tap to log in and away I go.

Don’t know how I did it but it works well for me :smiley:


Karl, are you saying you can edit alerts when you use SOTA Goat.

You have to excuse me on this one, have heard of the term " Sota Goat" how does that work. All I know is the Sota alert and spot page is one tap off me Google bar and and in and its on the PC most of day. Then tap into the say like Database section and the log in bit comes in. Just tap on the log in bit and bingo am in me personal part of the Sota page. Drop it out and it signs me out auto like till I want it again.

While I think about it, I don’t have a fancy mobile phone doing all these fancy things such as apts. Just a basic one good enough to ring in out and text. What these kids do with these mod phones leaves me standing.

But end of day I have gotten used to the Sota pages after a few troubled starts and also now know when I have done something wrong in entering data in me log by doing certain things on the page. Thus reducing me mistakes.


It’s an app for the iPhone, so if you have an Android phone, it wont work. I’m thinking of trying SOTA Spotter which looks like it does a similar job for Android phones.

Thank you for that info.

Nope, not got one of those, rather spend the money on radio related gear. Making beams etc.

Thanks again

Thanks for all the replies, but Pat (KI4SVM) figured it out. In my log in for SOTA Goat, there was a space after my callsign in the app. On the web-based SOTAwatch page my log in there is no space after callsign. To sum it up, there is a glitch in the app SOTA Goat.

Erik (WX4ET)

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And in the process of ferreting it out, I created an un-editable alert for a summit 1400 miles away from me! At least the alert is for next Sunday so I should have time to get the bags packed and get on the road. :grinning:



I’ve deleted that alert Pat. @WX4ET Erik, is this a bug in SOTA Goat, or an error in how you setup your accounts? If you need things editing on your accounts, please contact the MT and we will tweak things for you. If it’s a SOTA Goat bug, will you report it to the author so he can fix it. If it’s happening to you it will be happening to others.

No problem Karl,

To each their own. I have a mobile for a number of reasons, such as having something to keep in contact with Kate with when I’m away, like next week. That the care home can get hold of me on if something happens to Mum whilst I’m not at home. Oh, and because I don’t like the type of phone the company give me and, with my own, I don’t have to get permission to instal whatever app I take a liking to. :wink:

I’ll give the SOTA Spotter a try in the week.

One thing though, it might be that the whole trip might get cancelled, work meetings and all, as Mum has taken a turn for the worse even though the hospital have discharged her.

Thanks for taking care of the spot, Andy. I have already emailed the developer of SOTA Goat about the issue. I am hoping it will be a simple fix to trim any extra white space off of what a user enters in the callsign field, but it’s easy to correct/avoid on the user’s end anyway.

73, pat - KI4SVM

But it is radio related gear!
Mine operates from about 800Mhz to 2.5Ghz :stuck_out_tongue:

It even receives signals from orbiting satellites up at about 13,000 miles altitude…

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"It even receives signals from orbiting satellites up at about 13,000 miles altitude…"
Crikey - amazing :wink:
Night night