Edit icon on all threads

Dear Reflector administrator,

I just noticed that all threads are displaying an edit icon (the pencil thingo next to the thread title) that offers the opportunity to edit the thread title. On all threads, not just mine.

I tested adding a couple of dots to another thread and it allowed me to think I was changing, but the subject didn’t change. Still, probably not how you’d want it to be.

Andrew vk1da

You should have read the notification the system sent you on September 28th when you reached “Regular” status. That told you that you could

“Granted recategorize, rename, followed links and lounge”

i.e. you’ve built up enough trust to be able fix errors etc. in links and titles. Should the power go to you head, the admins can see what you’ve changed and if you go ‘rogue’ we can undo the changes and then apply a “clue x 4” so you know to behave in future.


OK, thanks. have now read the message and the decode. Discourse is quite a sophisticated system.