Edit Function Missing


Re: SOTAWatch Alert Function

The alert ‘Edit’ function is not displayed against an alert I posted 15 minutes ago.

I haven’t changed any part of my log in details. In the alert comments field I notice there is a blank space after my callsign in “(Posted by VK1AD )”. Any suggestions?


Andrew VK1AD

You have an iPad and/or iPhone and you are logged in as "VK1AD " and not “VK1AD”.

EDIT: Other way! You are logged in as “VK1AD” and created the alerts as "VK1AD ".

It’s known issue with autocomplete on iOS devices and is a currently a “wont fix” bug as SOTAwatch is being replaced.


I was using an Android phone with Mozilla to post the alert.


Well same difference, at some point a tablet device has added a space after your username and you didn’t notice. It’s exceptionally easy to miss this extra space. Anyway, you have managed to create 2 accounts somewhere along the way and they will probably have the same password too. The software treats them as different people so “VK1AD” cannot edit "VK1AD " alerts. Log in as "VK1AD " and delete them. Then log in as “VK1AD” and create them again.

I’ll ask Jon to zap "VK1AD " so it doesn’t happen again.

It doesn’t just happen with tablets. If you keep some user IDs and passwords in well protected Excel spreadsheet on a PC, you can sometimes find that copying a cell may add an extra space. I haven’t worked out why or when it happens but it is a pain when it does.