Edit Activator log

I’ve just spotted a typo in my activator log for today after typing the log in manually. Is there a way to edit the log or delete just one entry rather than deleting the whole log and starting again?

Yours hopefully,
Michael (G0POT) :o)

From Database, My Log, Download the log, then delete the log on the my log page, edit your download in Notepad or similar, save and upload to sota site using the TSV upload option…
Richard // N2GBR

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When I used to add logs manually, I did as Richard recommends, but I might have used Excel to edit the csv file. Notepad is also good.

Now I use Log4OM log, so I usually edit the culprit and export a corrected csv to upload in the SOTA DB again.

Stewart has written an Editor that makes opening and working with your download log so easy. Just remember to delete the old log before importing the corrected one.

Nothing wrong with Notepad or Excel for the job if you are comfortable doing it that way, but Stewart practically does ALL the work for you. Go to the link below to find and download his Editor program.


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Cheers Richard…for a minor edit this was the perfect approach just using Notepad.

I should learn to electronically log on hill tops but I’m still using paper and pencil so errors creep in!

Michael (G0POT)

Paper and pencil are best, forget the rest.


@G0POT Michael I use paper and pencil for activator logging with ‘write in the rain’ note books. Then I transfer to the SOTA site either using a CSV template I have and Notepad or manual entry …if there’s not too many contacts.
I did try a couple of the logging apps but find paper and pencil less hassle on the hill…

73, N2GBR/// Richard


Paper and pencil on the summit,
Fast Log Entry at home DF3CB.com :: Fast Log Entry (FLE)

73 Heinz

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While most seem to advocate the paper and pencil approach, I prefer the hamlog android app. Paper gets destroyed easily moving about a backpack, if it gets wet, etc. Ink or graphite smear. I always have my phone with me so one less thing to carry/get lost in the pack.

If your phone supports OTG cable and your rig is the KX3, you can easily send your frequency data over to your phone. This eliminates the possibility of forgetting to write down a band change. Time for each contact is automatically logged. Very fool proof overall for me.


Evan, I use pencil and paper. Pencil does not seem to smear at all - this is what I learnt from my teacher of chemistry, they also use pencils just for that reason. If only paper doesnt destroy, the writing will stay on it. I use B+, usually 2B even up to 8B, this helps to write even in the rain… :slight_smile:

What I prefer paper over the phone for - the paper log does not need a battery… :slight_smile:

EDIT: I just realized I committed a classic off-topic. Apologies - shutting up now…


Found this in the NASOTA yahoo files:

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Hi everyone. I would like to know how I can edit a log. In my last activation I confused the date, instead 24/10/2020 I wrote 20/10/2020. If this mistake does not violate the rules and does not prejudice to the chasers I have no problems leaving as is.
Thanks and 73 de JP3PPL

If you uploaded via CSV/ADIF go to Manage Uploads and delete the upload and then you can upload a new CSV. If you entered it manually, you will need to delete the activation and re-enter it.

I entered it manually… Well, before go to bed I will upload it again :slight_smile:
Thanks for the response.

You can download the log you entered as a CSV file. You can edit the CSV, delete the old activation and upload the edited CSV. It normally takes longer to explain than to perform especially after a few attempts.

Hi Andy.
First I downloaded it but I didn´t find the date, just the contacts.
Regarding software and its tricks, I am a total disaster!
I re-entered it again… Thanks for the help and tips.