Ec2ag/ Bego report holidays


Taking advantage of vacation time and I Ec2ag Bego, we decided to put on the air several summits.

We moved to Asturias where we activate 3 unique peaks in a spectacular place, Picos de Europa and Lagos de Covadonga, on his way home
We stop and activate one o’clock CT, Cantabria.

After that we decided on peaks in Euskadi.

There have been a total of 11 summits, with a delivery of 22 points for hunters.

I hope you enjoy the story.

05/Nov/2015 EA2/BI-068 (Ogoño) EC2AG/P 82
07/Nov/2015 EA2/BI-029 (Illuntzar) EC2AG/P 104
08/Nov/2015 EA1/AT-218 (Picu Arbolín) EC2AG/P 159
09/Nov/2015 EA1/AT-068 (Porra de Enol) EC2AG/P 178
10/Nov/2015 EA1/AT-066 (Picu L´ Mosquital) EC2AG/P 193
11/Nov/2015 EA1/CT-101 (Picota) EC2AG/P 80
13/Nov/2015 EA2/BI-045 (Motrollo) EC2AG/P 74
14/Nov/2015 EA2/BI-067 (Punta Lucero) EC2AG/P 9
15/Nov/2015 EA2/BI-035 (Memaia) EC2AG/P 101
17/Nov/2015 EA2/BI-076 (Unbe Mendi) EC2AG/P 48
18/Nov/2015 EA2/BI-070 (Ermua) EC2AG/P 29


Regards 73 Ec2ag