Easy SOTA summits DM24 and 23 suggestions

When I leave Visalia I will probably hed back to DM42 via Bakersfield, Tehachapi, and Joshusa Tree. Any suggestions for either drive-up or easy hike summits in these two grids?

Tom NQ7R

Ryan Mountain in Joshua is accessible.

Snaps and map here https://w6png.wordpress.com/2016/01/10/ryan-mountain-in-joshua-tree-np-npota-np32-and-sota-w6cd-016-jan-8-2016/

Inspiration (W6/SD-037) is relatively short but not a particularly easy trail at points to follow. Also in Joshua.


Thanks Paul. We’ll see how it goes.

Paul, I see you spotted for Ryan Mtn today (4-24). I did try yesterday to activate this but could not do the climb. Maybe asthma, not eating for 24 hours or just old age. I got up 1/8 th of the way and decided MTN rescue didn’t need to potentialy get involved. So far not hearing you here in Casa Grande, AZ. Thanks for all other activations.

Can you explain why you tried climbing a mountain after not eating for 24 hours?
I find that very dangerous.
Nothing to do with age. Eating brings energy to our body and climbing a mountain usually requires big amounts of energy, not matter the age of the climber.
Good that you abandoned before it was too late.


Not a wise idea to attempt a hike and/or climb on an empty stomach. Very low energy is not the way to start and you were wise to abort the hike. These are the words of a man who did once forge onward, no major event however when at the Urgent Care the nurse did compliment me on how well I cleaned and dressed my wounds and though nothing broken did have a rather stiff knee and shoulder as a reminder for several days.

Stupidity mostly and trying to beat the heat.