Easy-ish peaks in Scotland

Headed over to Scotland with some open time Oct 3-8, i recently tore my meniscus so looking for some easy-ish peaks (1-2 miles each way). We are going to base out of Glasgow and will probably goto Islay for a couple of days. I see a peak near Port Ellen there as an option. Is G/SB-001 a long approach? Will take any advice

Good morning Jamie,

Will you be using a car? If so a lot of the 1 Pointers around the Loch Lomond area are easily accessed.

And it’s a pity I will be in I - Italy when you are in Glasgow, however you may wish to visit my Club - WoSARS where you would be made most welcome.



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Hi Jamie,

Sorry to hear about the injury. Hopefully you will be okay to get out onto some summits in Scotland. I think the best thing is for me to send you an email with some information on which summits might be okay around Glasgow and on the summit on Islay.

To get to The Cheviot G/SB-001 will require a drive of around 110 miles / 2 hours or so from Glasgow. The ascent is around 2,000 feet and three and a quarter miles from the parking spot, so outside of your suggested parameters. If you want to get an English summit on your list, then something like Binsey G/LD-041 with less than 700 feet of ascent and less than a mile walk in would be more suitable and it is easier to get to straight down the motorway system from Glasgow. There are other fairly easy summits in that area as well.

73, Gerald G4OIG

Welcome to GM when you get here. The WX is often good in the first week of October. Good for GM that is. You should be aware that the West Coast and Islands may introduce you to what could be considered tropical levels of rainfall. And wind. Or just drizzle that goes on and on and on and on. Or you could have glorious sunny days on the islands and there are beaches with silver sand that would not be out of place in the Caribbean. Just that the water will only be 5C or so!


Beinn Mhor SI-201 is about 2.2km walk and 115m of ascent from the car park for the American Monument (WWI shipping accident memorial) probably 50mins walk. The ground can be rough. If you look at a relief map of Scotland and see rural areas with no contour lines then assume boggy nonsense for the ground. If there are contours assume boggy nonsense on a slope! Unless it’s rock.

Nearer Glasgow

Blaeloch Hill SS-220 is a 3.5km walk and 190m ascent mainly along windfarm access roads with just a short section on moor land. It’s about 30miles from Glasgow.

Cairnpapple Hil SS-254 is a 5min stroll from the car park. Very easy. About 40miles from Glasgow mainly along motorways (freeway).

There are plenty of summits, though they can all get a bit hardwork in a hurry. Have a look at SOTA maps or sotl.as websites and see what there is. I can help with maps etc. if you need them for very reasonable costs just the odd glass of whisky or so! :slight_smile:

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Thanks all for the advice. Love this Andy “boggy nonsense underneath”.
Thanks for the email Gerald, and Jack i will try and chase you while you are down in Italy if you do cw. Going to play it all one day at a time and see what we can manage.

73 and hope to hear some folks while I am GM/N6JFD/P