Easter in the Lakes

Well we booked the holiday long before the weather forecast :cloud_with_rain:
Langdales tomorrow (can’t promise activating SOTA, but I’ll have my Handie on).
High Street and Stony Cove Pike on Sunday - come what may! 2m FM (and maybe 70cm if my wife’s in a good mood) only due to weather.

I’ll try and get you S2S from G/SB summits.

Hope the wind calms down a bit for you, I was going to try an activate G/LD023 Knott this afternoon but driving across the A66 and feeling the wind blowing the truck about decided to abandon.


Graeme, your Wolverine Minion avatar is exquisite!

The WX has calmed a little here, winds dropped and the rain has stopped. Just an interlude for later no doubt.

Thanks Gerald afraid I won’t be able to oblige this time. The rain seems to have been a bit later than expected, so the walk as far as Stickle Tarn was really quite pleasant (mildly moist). However it then deteriorated. We got 200m below LD-019 before the non radio addicts rebelled. I sensed that any delay to play radio (even non SOTA) might be unwelcome and not indusive to a happy weekend! I enjoyed the walk but am quite looking forward to a hot bath and a cold pint later.
I think we’ll be staying low tomorrow :wind_face::umbrella:️ No more winter bonus this season, roll on the summer :sunglasses:

Thanks Andy (mm) the kids sent it to me, it was either the minion or a lego man with hand held.

Hope the weather improves tomorrow for you Andy (g6), it’s hard to believe we are up to the letter K in the storm names this one is called Katie.


The good thing about this country is the unpredictability of the weather! Latest forecast for tomorrow has improved to light rain showers with only 19mph winds (33mph gusts). Negotiations for another high level assault ongoing. :rose:
I hope it’s better when I do the coast to coast this summer :bike:

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Only concern for me for tomorrow is lightning risk… I’m aiming to be out again, but not sure the hills I will be on will reach to G/LD.