Easter bank holiday monday - urra moor g/tw-001

Hi All
Today was a last minute idea as i know the roads to the coast was going to be busy so I decided to do G/TW-001 and get out of the City of York and away from the tourist as they wre coming in by the bus loads.

It worked out well as the roads I took were not busy going or coming back. (B1363 & B1257) from York to Clay Bank car park.

The weather was not to bad but the wind had a chill in it but when the sun came out it was nice but by 1430hrs it did get colder but then I did have a good day out 1st one this year and 27 contacts and i wish to thank you all.

M3RA/M - M3SNC/P - M0BQD - M1BTG - M0TOC - G3NIJ - M3TWZ - G7BYE - M1YAM/P - 2E0PWD - M1EYP/M - M3EYP/M - 2E0WJC - M0GAV - G8PYX/P - M0VEY - G0WVY - M1DZK/M - M5XYZ/M - M3SNZ/M - M3XNZ/M - G3RGB - G3WVO/M - 2E0HTS/P - M5POO/M - M3SEY/M - G0EYL

And a big thank you to M0VEY Phil for putting me on the Spots.

I will have to get up that way again and do the rest of that group.

Thanks all again.

Terry G0VWP