Easiest GW/SW summit?

Assume I’m driving up the M5 from South of Bristol and my final destination is at least 150miles further on…

Which is the easiest/quickest GW/SW summit to activate from here? I’m looking for both minimum distance to drive/minimum time to drive and shortest ascent so I can spend more time on the air and not add too much time to the journey?

EDIT: If I drive in the near of Cwmbran do I have to listen to Goldie Looking Chain? :wink:

I would suggest the Wentwood, SW-033. Not exactly inspiring, park at the entrance to a forest track, stroll a few hundred metres and find a spot in the trees where the ground isn’t covered in ants!


Or even find the trig point now the trees have been felled. This summit falls into my official list of “crap summits” so don`t get too excited.

Steve, Brian:

Thanks for that. It’s really the itch to tick off at least 1 GW/SW summit whilst I’m near that I want to scratch. The fact it’s “INKy Offcially Naff” isn’t really a problem.

Yukk !

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Good take-off to south-west, but most people not in that direction.

The one tree that’s not been cleared is the awkward little thing overhanging the trig. The trig is uncapped and not yet full of junk, so would makes a good pole support. But my antennas were getting detuned by all the wood, I presume.

I preferred it to Mynydd y Glyn today.

There is an even easier one but you have to drive to Swansea to do it so it won’t fit your purpose. GW/SW-028 has a good road right into the AZ, the (unmarked) summit is no more than 20 metres from a place where you can just about pull off the road. Nice views but not easy to qualify on VHF!


…and of course you don’t need to walk all the way to that summit…! I’d say more like 70m than 20m, but seriously trivial nonetheless.

There’s a big choice of embarrassingly easy ones along that strip Andy. Mynydd Sylen GW/SW-036 and Brandy Hill GW/MW-037 also spring to mind. Another is Mynydd Eppynt GW/SW-018. You’ll not get to the summit of that one as it is in a military firing range. So you would operate from next to the boundary of that range, which is within the AZ, and adjacent to the road and parking spot!

Details on my website http://tomread.co.uk - which I must get round to updating as it doesn’t include the last 10 months or so of activations, including plenty new uniques not in the index.

I think Wentwood will do just fine. I’ll be passing by on Tuesday after bagging a couple of SC summits so a quick detour to grab any SW is the quest. Wentwood is nearby, has trivial access, is an SW summit. I’m sure the harvesting has made it much less pleasant. Some summits are delightful and some just exist to be ticked off a list, this may be one of the latter. There are plenty of “do once and only once” summits up here.

The only thing that seems concerning is the £6.50 you have to pay to enter Wales! They should refund that entry fee if you stay less than 3hrs. This is unlike the M6 Toll Road where you pay £5.50 to avoid Birmingham, that’s such an obvious no-brainer. :smile:

Note that they don’t charge you to leave Wales, I wonder why that is? Living on the SE side of Brum I always use the Toll motorway when heading north, it saves a lot of time in the Spaghetti procession! On the other hand when heading to South Wales I always go via the Ross Spur, A40, A449, but that won’t help you on this occasion though it might be useful when you continue north, good fast dual carriageways and fairly light traffic.