EA8 - Tenerife activation 1-5 Nov

We just got our flight tickets for a visit to Tenerife from 1-7Nov.
We are planing to activate Teide and maybe a second summit - depends on difficulty/schedule.
20m CW
HB1B and EFHW, 5m pole.

Any advise from anybody who has done this summit would be appreciated.
Obviously we will take the radio in the cabin and somebody suggested before notifying the airline in advance.

73s Eva M0HJV & Angel M0HDF / EA2ECG

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Hi Angel, I doubt you will be able to activate Teide on HF with all the restrictions on the summit. You may be able to activate with a handy on 2m if you are lucky and the cable car is running. All the best for your visit. I am 100% sure there are many more summits in EA8 if only somebody would do the necessary survey work.

Thanks Steve. I have not thought about all the restrictions given the prominence of the summit.
That leaves Guajara, which I assume is feasible as others have activated it in the last year.
73s Angel

Hi Steve,
A quick look suggests that Malpais and Caminino Montena just qualify plus there has to be at least on peak in each of the NW and NE corners of Tenerife. Of course access might not be easy hence listing would be somewhat academic.


If you plan to climb up to the summit of Teide, the most important thing is to get a permit to access the summit. It is often booked out for many days in advance. It is available for free via internet. It is not so far from the top of the cable car to the summit, but it is quite high - and the air is thin. Last year in December - the access to the summit was closed because of ice and snow. Time on summit also is restricted, so I wonder if it is possible to build up an antenna.
Guajara is fairly easy to reach, it is a nice mountain walk, mostly on good tracks and there is a lot of room in the summit area, even with some shelter.
Wish you good luck - Martin DF3MC

I’m pretty sure Cruz de Taborno would qualify. 1020m elevation. Critical col looks to be at Las Canteras, elevation just under 600m. What would access be like to that site though? Is it radar?

It’s funny that Dorset has more Marilyns than Tenerife as-is. But then it is essentially conical (Tenerife that is!), with a long ridge added, heading NE from Teide.

That end of the island is pretty (and the food is great!) so it would be good to get something added.

It appears that only that Teide and Guajara are registered SOTA summits, so even if Cruz de Taborno would qualify on prominence, it is unlikely (I would think) to be added into SOTA before Eva & Angel’s trip.

73 Ed DD5LP.

I’ve spent a while today with the flood utility on Google Earth and the 1:25000 Mendikat map looking for more EA8/TF summits. My list of extras now totals 13. These range from easy 1-pointers just off the beach (e.g. right next to Los Cristianos) to some more 10-pointers on the caldera.

Of course it’s my intention to submit this to the association manager, Luis, in the hope that they can be added. But if anybody would care to look over what I have that would be great - please PM or email me. I have a table of elevations and coordinates for the summits and cols.

Is this technique adequate or should I really be learning one of the GIS tools?

73, Simon

Thanks for the info Martin, all clear.
73 Angel

Peter ON4UP @ON4UP or Csaba @YO6PIB or Jim @G0CQK would be able to advise. I know the summits team use SRTM data and the same data is used for Google Maps. But we all know that the results are open to a lot of interpretation.

I’m interested in this as I’m also heading to Tenerife (amongst La Palma & Lanzarotte) in January for some SOTA fun.

As people have already mentioned you need a permit to get to the actual summit on El Teide, but getting this is much easier now as you can apply online. I believe the time restriction at the summit is two hours, surely enough to log 4 contacts on HF?

If the cable car is running i don’t imagine it would be that difficult to get up to the actual summit.

Regards flying i’m not sure if you need to warn them ahead because of your radio. But last time i flew to Portugal i did have problems carrying my SLAB battery with my hand baggage, EasyJet didn’t want me to fly with it but alas they couldn’t find anything in there book of dangerous goods that forbid it when i challenged them on it. In the end they didn’t want the fight and i sloped off and passed through airport security.

Advice: Don’t tell them about the battery, airport security themselves aren’t too bothered, it turns up on the X-Ray and they want to look at it but they then let me pass. Also my SLAB looks dangerous - a very heavy black box! I will be using a LiFePo battery next time.

Good luck!

James M0JCQ


We explored the North East of the island yesterday - Anaga park, plenty of mountains there. Great place. A few pics on the blog.

Hope the WX is ok on Tue to activate Guajara.


73 Angel. EA8/M0HDF/P

Hi Angel,

How did you get on with your activations on Teide and Guajara in the end? I looked on your blog but couldn’t find any further posts.

I’m still heading out to the Canaries in January so any advice would be greatly appreciated :smile:

Cheers, James M0JCQ

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Hi James.

We had a blast in Tenerife.
Its been a bit busy with work, pre-Christmas planning, “10m fever”, and other stuff.
I have written the story and got some pics that I will upload to the blog a little bit later.

Some thoughts.
-Ref. Teide. You need to apply for a permit to book a 2hr slot at the summit if you go up with the cable car & 26EUR/person for the cable car (after 9am) - permit is free. It might take up to 4 weeks booking in advance depending on slot availability. Plus it might be busy at the top, park rangers,… I can not advise much as we did not do it, but it seems too much hassle.
An alternative is to activate before 9am (no permit required). People sleep at the Refugio de Altavista, and hike at the very early morning to get to the top before 9 am but it is quite a hike at serious altitude. Locals do with full moon. [5-6 hours climb - 3 to the Refugio and 2 to the top], down with the cable car. You might get snow in Jan too.

  • Guajara is about 2.5hrs from El Parador Nacional de las Canadas del Teide, where we stayed over night. It offers the best views of Teide and it is a easy climb. - 700m elevation climb. We really enjoyed the hike. The top offers plenty of space to operate and some protecction from the elements.

The National Park is just fantastic. The visitor centre is worth stopping by to see the video, ask for it in English at reception. We specially enjoyed “Las minas de San Jose” and the rock formations next to the Parador.

  • Band wise. I would take something for 20-17-15m. We did struggle with 20m around 13UTC - too much absortion. VOACAP online coverage & point to point predictions show this.

-Don’t rely only on text message for self spotting as the text for Eva’s callsign was not delivered on time and that was frustating.

  • Take proper gear, it might get cold or even snowy due to the elevations involved. It is also high altitude, so the weather can change quite quickly, wise to be prepared.

  • I will post in the Resources a guide for the best attractions and places to eat in Tenerife that my local friend put together. Some brilliant off the beaten track places to eat.

  • Although not SOTA, I highly recommend you try to operate from the beach at dawn with a GP or vertical. You might have seen this already.

Just ask if you have any more questions.

73 Angel M0HDF

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Thanks Angel, that’s really helpful. I agree, El Teide does look like a hassle, I would normally be up for the hike but like you say the altitude and lack of time to adapt (coming from sea level) would make this tough. I’ve hiked in the Himalayas and know that once I get above 3500m, anything physical becomes tough; much to the initial amusement of my XYL, who took took the mick until it hit her at 4000m. So in short yes, this is somewhat different to a UK summit!

I plan to still do it, if I pull it off then great, if not well at least I tried :smile: I plan to take a vertical with a small footprint for this summit and leave the linked dipole at the hotel. I think the cable car will be the way to go and maybe hike back down after.

I look forward to reading your trip reports when they’re done. I did see the beach blog post as well, you can’t beat greyline propagation backed up with a saltwater takeoff :wink:

James M0JCQ

You’ll need a permit for the summit and when you’re on the summit the space is very restricted. That said a small loaded vertical with counterpoise should be sufficient. You can can telescopic which open up to about 1.5m. Something like the https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/202780056568?
experiment before you go to mark up the exact length for the counterpoise / band you’re using.