EA8/GI4ONL/P is safe and sound

Some of you may have seen some ***URGENT" spots this afternoon. This was me attempting to alert EA8/PA7ZEE Geert who is on Gran Canaria, to tell him that Victor EA8/GI4ONL, who is also there on holiday, had phoned me to say he had made a minor navigational error on his way to EA8/GC-012 and as a result had fallen some distance on a scree slope sustaining cuts and bruises. He had bandaged himself up with his first aid kit, but the injuries were minor.

Geert saw the alert and phoned Victor to provide the vital local support needed. It was decided that the best course of action was to telephone 112. As a result of that phone call Victor was quickly helicoptered off the summit (there was no time to set up for an activation considering the circumstances) and was taken back to the airport where he was able to take a taxi back to his car at the foot of the climb to EA8/GC-012.

Victor is now driving back to his hotel - fortunately without needing hospitalisation.

73 Phil

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Glad victor is safe

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Excellent good news.


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That’s an excellent response from the authorities. Pleased to hear that all is well - the spot did have me wondering!

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Great news…I had been following the spots…thanks to you and Geert for your prompt action (I’ve already sent him a 'thank you" e-mail).

73 Allan

Power of ham radio operators.

Good to hear he is Ok.

Just goes to show no matter how experienced you are pit falls are abound and catch you out

Get well soon Victor


Good work!!! both of you, Phil and Geert!!
Nice to hear Victor is safe and back in his hotel.
73, Sake

Hi Victor, sorry about tumble but glad you are ok


Congrats for the quick assistance and glad Victor is fine.
It’s good to count on Geert being near there as well.

If you had required any further assistance in spanish with authorities you know you could always count with some EA’s that are QRV here and in EA8…

73 de Ignacio

Thanks for the info.
It is a good news.
André f5ukl

Glad to hear you are ok Victor!
Ian has texted you on FB
Esther & Ian

Sorry to hear about your accident Victor,
and relieved to hear that you are recovering.

Take care


Wow! Well organised rescue. Get well soon Victor.

Well done Phil and Geert. Glad to see Victor was not too badly hurt. A simple thing like gravel on the path can lead to injury. When you are in a remote area it gets more complicated. A reminder to us all to tread carefully and to carry a big map or a good GPS to help avoid navigational errors. They are also easy to make, I know.


Good to hear things weren’t as serious as they could have been Victor,hopefully you can enjoy the rest of your holiday.
Thanks to the ham spirit of Phil and Geert for their assistance. 73 Don.

Very relieved to hear that you got off the hill safely and could drive back to your base. Hope you recover swiftly and will soon be on air again. Good to hear that SOTA was so useful for your rescue. Well done Phil and Geert

73 Viki M6BWA

Hi everyone, thanks for all the kind comments. I am pleased to report that apart from superficial cuts and bruises :face_with_head_bandage: I survived relatively unscathed, and more importantly, all the radio kit was undamaged :yum: and back in action again today from EA8/GC-026. The wx today has been VERY hot, around early to mid 30s :sun_with_face:

73 Victor EA8/GI4ONL


Good to see you back on a summit, again!

73, Sylvia

Hi Victor very glad you’re OK and back on the horse :grinning:

73 de Paul G4MD

Hi Victor,

You never mentioned Base Jumping on the phone the other week! Got this news from Roy on 145.400 and was shocked to hear it. Could have been a lot worse. Falling on EA8 is like diving onto sandpaper. Enjoy the rest of your stay and the flight home but take care.
73, John.

PS: Sadly I won’t make Blackpool Rally. Wife booked a Llandudno week. Best I can hope for is to work a few M6 rally punters on 2-FM from a nearby GW/NW. Enjoy it if you go.