EA8/GC-007 - apologies no activation today

Apologies for the failed activation of EA8/GC-007 Inagua today. The access road from our overnight base to the foot of the peak was closed to motor traffic as there was a cycling race in progress - quite exciting descents involved. Gran Canaria does not have many alternative roads and by the time the road was open again we calculated it was too late to complete the peak safely during daylight.

The peak should be rescheduled later in the trip. Rain forecast here tomorrow; I could have stayed at home and had rain!!!




overnight rain but it was dry this morning so we headed up to EA8/GC-001. By the time we got to near the top the rain had started again. The road was closed once more for another cycling race, but it was a short walk, around the military base, up to the summit!

Very windy and wet on the summit but I found a sheltered Spot near the snack van and got under my shelter. Felt very like being at home in Scotland. I was getting used to accruing winter bonuses while activating in shorts and t-shirt!

Thanks to Andrew (G0LWU) for the Spot.

Good contacts on 20m but again nothing on 40m.

Too windy to attempt VHF at the summit

Sunshine is now out again; c’est la vie!



I had that feeling in Maderia… in the cloud and raining so normal Scottish summit. But was T-shirt and shorts temperature. I had to do a few double takes at the time.

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Thanks Colwyn for a new activation from EA8/GC. Your signal was very, very weak this morning. I had to wait for a while on your frequency waiting for conditions to improve a bit because I wasn’t copying you at all in the begining. It was later when I started copying you intermittently with the QSB bringing you on and then taking you off.
It’s been raining all morning here with non stop and a temperature of 2ºC, with the snow falling on all mountains around the town, so enjoy your stay in EA8 with that warmer temperature, despite the rain and wind.
BTW, regarding your callsign during these activations from EA8, shouldn’t it be EA8/M0YCJ/P instead of EA8/MM0YCJ/P? Just in case, I’ve already put you on my log as EA8/M0YCJ/P.



I think you’re correct there Guru!

Should have stayed in GMland right enough Colwyn. Nice and sunny in The Shire this morning. Might do a report later, or tomorrow…

GM/ES-049 Ladyea hill

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