EA8/DK6TR on EA8/HI-001 (Monday 26.Feb.2018)

It was the last chance before Thomas DK6TR has to travel back to DL.
The weather forecast is bad for the hole week.
I (HB9FIH Erich) said to Thomas - today (Monday 26.2.2018) we must go we have a chance to have a view from top.
OK we arrived on top later morning. The view was open to the Golfo down.
Suddently Thomas prepared his Rig and Antenna (KX3 / Buddy Stick) …The wind blows vy heavy, I had to bind the Antenna. Then I spotted Thomas on Sotawatch and he started to call.
Within 10 Minutes he made 5 QSO’s (with 5 Watts) …at the end with nearly frozen fingers…now we where full in the clouds
Thomas was catched from waiting chasers from EA, DL , M …
Then made some pictures from Repeater tower. Then suddently went down to the much warmer car.

Thomas DK6TR and Erich HB9FIH

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